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Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Back in January, I promised my best friend AND myself that I will not go shopping until the next time she visits me again.

Why did I make such a ridiculous promise, you ask? 

Well, frankly speaking, I was getting a bit carried away with buying clothes and items that I don't exactly need. And obviously, just moving to a new city and all that jazz, I made that my excuse to go shopping but soon after my best friend visited me, she made me see that that was not a good excuse at all. Hence why I stopped shopping for a few months. So, if you guys were wondering where my outfit posts or fashion posts were, well, now you know :P 

And you know what? 
I kept that promise! 

Honestly, I deserve a freakin' trophy for not shopping online or in stores since 2 of my favourite stores are located right outside my apartment!

But OK, I'll just give myself a pat on the back for now. 

Anyway, my best friend came over a couple of weeks ago and granted me permission to go shopping and so, we went a little cray cray! I even made a haul video, so if you're interested in that, the video will be at the end of this post :)

So, over the weekend, I put together a couple of bits and pieces that I recently purchased. And I am soooo loving my wardrobe right now. So anyway, I've created 4 simple looks/outfits for the weekend, whether you're going out for movies or hanging out with some friends in a cafe. They're just very casual and that's why I love them so much. You know me and my casual attires :P

1. Denim on Denim 

2. The Basics

3. Best Jumper Ever

4. Simple 

Which one's your fav??? :) 

Also, if you want some advice on how to control yourself from shopping, like how I did, please let me know. Because I honestly think I can help some of you with that :D *lol*


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