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This blog promotes general awesomeness within a stressful world that wants people to be themselves yet be judged when we are actually being ourselves.  Do not let the opinions of others define your day, let you define your day.

This blog is mostly about travel. My passion here is really to inspire people to travel the world in a budget-friendly manner. You can learn so much and view life differently when you see different places.

If you’re still trying to find out what you want in life or how to travel or which is the best way to travel, I hope this blog inspires you to go out and try new things, no matter where you go. Find places that tell stories about you!

Hi everyone, my name is Els. It’s lovely to meet you!

I hope you enjoy my blog!

You can always drop me an email or follow me here and leave me a message. I will always reply :)

Email: elspeth_dines@yahoo.com
Twitter: elsDines
Facebook: Els Dines
Instagram: elsdines