Friday, 9 March 2018


As I mentioned in my previous post, I was off to Thailand for a couple of days.

This time - HatYai

I've actually never been to this small city before but I've heard that it's a food paradise. So naturally, why not right? Book a flight and try it.

My friend and I went together.

So, here's the deal. We are both fairly picky when it comes to food. What I mean by this is, we both enjoy food A LOT, we're both foodies and obviously, we will try food that entice us. However, we are not really adventurous - as in, we will not have worms, insects, or delicacies that we do not fancy.

Furthermore, she only eats in restaurants that are HALAL. And I, on the other hand, am a pescatarian - which means I am a vegetarian who only eats seafood. So, it is a little trickier for us but I don't feel like I'm missing out.

Obviously, for meat lovers out there, you will definitely NOT be disappointed in HatYai. But for vegans, it will be VERY difficult for you to enjoy. 

For us, we enjoyed it to the max. So, if you are travelling with a friend/group of friends who are of our kinds, here are 6 good places to eat in HatYai - HALAL or not - definitely give it a go because it's a YES from both of us.

1) Decha Fried Chicken Restaurant

Lovely setting, good ambiance, tasty food, affordable price
Total for 2: THB 680 

2) Dim Sum Chabura

Great service, friendly staff, amazing dimsum, awesome tomyam, super affordable 
Total for 2: THB 595

3) Greenway Night Market

Variety of food stalls, good price, surprisingly good ambiance
Total for 2: THB 245

4) Sulaiman Restaurant

Quiet and cozy, nice seafood fried rice, a little overpriced 
Total for 2: THB 540

5) Hat Yai Walking Street

Seafood heaven, busy, go on an empty stomach

6) Samila Beach - Coconut Ice Cream

No matter what it is you're in HatYai for, SEAFOOD IS A MUST! x 

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Things (I Want) To Do in March

So, we've passed the first two months of 2018. Now what? 

Have you checked off some things on your first quarter of the year list?
Have you achieved anything yet?
Have you done anything different from last year? 

To be fair, 2 months is actually a short period of time to notice certain changes in your life. In all honesty, I had a manic February - in both a good and bad way. But I was all over the place last month because I had no clue on what I actually want to achieve and I didn't really have a plan to follow. So in the end, it was just work work work work work and more work. 

So, I wanted to share a couple of things I'd be doing/I want to do this month and maybe give some of you some inspo or spark some creative ideas. 

1. Travel/Plan a trip

2. Plan a weekend getaway/road trip  

3. Possibly get another tattoo

4. Start getting my life on track with an editorial calendar 

5. Attend more events 

6. Write more 

7. Film more videos for YouTube

8. Watch ONE new Netflix series 

9. Organize my wardrobe 

10. Catch up with friends 

As of now, I can tick off my first one because I'm off to Thailand tomorrow and I'm so so excited. I need a break badly. Anyway, what are some of the things you want to do this month? Let me know in the comments :) x

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

4 Days in Krabi for RM1,000

Is it possible to enjoy Krabi under a tight budget? 

The answer is YES! 

The truth is, my friend and I went to Krabi with a total of THB 8,051 each, which is roughly RM1,000 per person. In my opinion, that is quite reasonable. So, let me break it down for you. 

Flight ticket: RM188

- book your flights 3-4 weeks beforehand 
- if possible, weekday trips will be more worth it as flights tend to be cheaper on Mondays and Tuesdays
- I booked my tickets via AirAsia 

Accommodation: RM500 (RM250 each) 

- again, book your accommodation 3-4 weeks in advance 
- there are plenty of AirBnBs, hotels and resorts in Krabi, so it's just a matter of how luxurious/budgeted you want your stay to be
- We booked a very nice resort called Baan Ban Dalay via and the place is just amazing. Location was great. 

Transportation: RM95 (RM47.50 each for 3 days)

- rent a scooter for THB250/day
- Tuk Tuks will try to rip you off real bad but of course it's for their businesses
- renting a bike/scooter is so much easier and more convenient but if you are confident with a car, it will still be cheaper than taking the Tuk Tuks

Island: RM50 (RM25 each for 2 islands)

- this is your choice. We didn't want to do island hopping so we picked 2 islands that we really liked and paid THB200 for a long-tail boat to each island
- island hopping packages can go up to at least THB1,200 and it will be from 8am-4pm 
- so this option is completely up to you

Up till this point, the total is RM510.50

The rest of the money was spent on food, souvenirs and massage. 

So, RM1,000 for 4 days in Krabi is totally do-able. You get the luxury side as well as the budget side. 

Hope this helps any of you who are interested in visiting Krabi and gives you a little idea on how much you can take with you. 

Here's a video from the trip: 10 THINGS YOU CAN DO IN KRABI, THAILAND