Tuesday, 14 March 2017


I want to make it my mission to visit a new cafe every Sunday. 

I love exploring cozy little cafes. Honestly, it's one of the best things ever. On Sunday, I decided to go somewhere near where I live so, I came across OW:L Espresso cafe.

I guess the concept of this cafe is a lot similar to most "fusion" cafes these days. Cakes, teas, waffles... etc. Even though I find it similar to most cafes, I still find joy in spending time in a new cafe. It's just my thing :P

Anyway, my first impression of it was "wow! That's a lot of people for a Sunday!" However, I loved all the decor and how the layout of the cafe was. Basically, there's a smoking area out in the balcony and inside, there are different sets of furniture to enjoy. Latest musics and nice ambiance make it even better. 

The one thing I would say that took my breath away is this........... 

Look at how massive that snowman cotton candy is!! 

And buried within it is a bowl of chocolate and banana snowflake (bingsu) which is just gorgeous. 

Of course, we enjoyed this with some peach tea, banana milkshake and latte. 

Overall, I think this place is really worth the try. Absolutely loved it!