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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Restaurant of the Month: Yesterday Cafe

Greetings all you lovely foodies out there

Hope you're all having a wonderful start to the month. Yes, happy September to everyone. And this also means I get to choose and talk about one restaurant that I've enjoyed so much last month. 

August was a very very busy month for me. And it was probably the best and worst month for me this year. Oh yes, the best and worst at the same time. Yes, it is possible. 

However, I am quite fortunate to have the opportunity to dine in loads of different restaurants. Eating was probably one of the reasons why August was the best month for me (haha). Now you know - I'm a true foodie at heart :) 

I've been to over 10 different restaurants in August so it was almost impossible for me to write this post. I've enjoyed loads of them but I think I will share it in another post. However, one particular restaurant did stand out the most. And again, this restaurant/cafe is found in Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant of the month goes to............


Its' location is actually known as a hot-spot for college students. However, this cafe/restaurant is almost like a hidden gem. 

Let me tell you, once I entered this cafe, my initial reaction was:"Oh wow! This place smells so gooooood!" Honestly, if I were to choose between a perfume or that food smell, I would gladly wear that food smell on me all day long. And that's how seriously nice smelling it was. 

I didn't actually think I would favour this restaurant because the food and the menu are more towards Western cuisine rather than Oriental cuisine or fusion food. And why would I think this cafe can beat the cafes I've tried in the UK, right? 


I enjoyed this cafe so much because the food and the environment fit perfectly. Almost like they're complimenting each other. There's a nice cozy area for people who prefer to be seated at a quiet little corner, there's a chatty area for people who are there for a little hang out session, there's a nice family area in between. It's just perfect. 

The most important reason as to why I picked this cafe is because of their plating. I learned from a great chef back in UK that "plating is everything!" because nowadays, and I'm not just speaking for myself, the eyes eat first.


I actually quite agree with that statement. Haha. 

Everything they served was wonderfully plated. And then, there's the part where the food tastes as good as it looks. And this cafe definitely delivered. I loved it so much.

I am definitely coming back here on my next trip. Definitely worth the try :)