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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Restaurant of the Month: Hog Wild in Bali

Good evening all my lovely foodies out there :D

It feels like ages ago since I last wrote a "restaurant of the month" post but turns out, I'm actually up-to-date with it. I've just been writing and updating my blog a little bit more than before, that's why it feels like a long time ago since I last picked my restaurant of choice.

June was such a lovely travel month for me. I've tried so many different kinds of cuisines and food. Honestly, it is quite difficult for me to pick ONE restaurant because I've literally been to so many good restaurants last month. But there is this ONE particular restaurant that really stood out to me. I practically went there 5 times on my 8-day-trip. Yup, you do the math.

So, here I am today - sharing my chosen restaurant in the month of June. It is none other than.........

........ Hog Wild in Bali

*For those of you who are either vegan or vegetarian, I'm terribly sorry for this post. But they do have a list of vegetarian/vegan options on the menu*

This restaurant appeared in the top search when I Googled "places to eat in Bali". So, I thought to myself "why the heck not?!" I mean, I'm not going to say no to ribs and sweet potato chips. I mean, this place IS actually famous for their ribs and chips.

Hog Wild in Bali made it to my "restaurant of the month" because the whole concept and idea of the restaurant is based on hogs. It has a very modern design to it and has a very good atmosphere. Beers and cocktails are also available, which is a BONUS. I love the whole environment and the staffs were super friendly.

Here are just some pictures of the restaurant, the menu, and the food.

If any of you out there are planning a trip to Bali, definitely try this place out. Super affordable and you will NOT regret it :)