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Tuesday, 26 July 2016


OK. So this is my current view right now. Dark sky, grey clouds, the smell of freshly cut grass, the occasional breeze blowing through my hair. I wouldn't say it is too warm or too cold or too windy. In other words, I would describe this as the perfect temperature. Not exactly perfect weather as it is dark and dreary but perfect temperature. The ideal place for me to be right this very second.

Good evening my lovely readers

I have been slightly demotivated and uninspired lately (as you can tell by the lack of posts). Apologies. I don't exactly know the reason behind this. Some days, I have loads of fire burning in me, loads of things that catch my attention and inspires me; some days (lately), I just want to sit at home and do absolutely nothing. And I'm not going to lie, today feels like the perfect day to do nothing at all. Yet somehow, here I am - inspired and firing up a blog post :)

"I guess my hometown isn't as eventful as I imagined it to be." was what I thought to myself.

OI! SNAP OUT OF IT! *clicks fingers*

"Remember when I was daily-blogging last month before I left the UK? I made everyday fun just because I could! So why not do it here too? Just because it's my hometown doesn't mean I can't find fun things to do and make my days interesting!" was the answer I gave myself when I snapped out of it.

Now, I'm not promising any daily blogs or whatever but I've got a few exciting things up my sleeves. You'll see what I mean very soon :) *I mean, you guys are always the first to know anyway*

I've been reading quite a lot of books recently. I think reading has become one of my hobbies now. I mean, I've always loved reading anyway but I never really had the time to read with work and all that. But now that I can, I've been reading so so many books and I'm loving them.

So, I came across this question in a book.

"Where is the richest place on Earth?"

Now, I want all of you to think and come up with an answer before you continue on reading. Because after 10 guesses, I still didn't get the answer. But when I was finally given the answer, I could see why I never thought of that. So, I want you to think hard.

The answer is:



Because graveyards are where all dreams and hopes die along with people who didn't do anything about their dreams and hopes.

Let me explain.

Imagine this.

You're on your death bed and on your final moments when you close your eyes, you see all the "ghosts" around you. Those "ghosts" are your dreams, your ideas, your hopes - and they are all saying to you "Look. You had this - you had all of us when you were alive! We are the ones that came to YOU. Yet you chose not to do anything about it and you know what? Now we're going to die with you.

I mean, that is probably one of the deepest things I've ever read in my entire life. It is so so true! I don't want to lie on my death bed one day and face my "ghosts". And that is why I am totally inspired today.

YOU are in control of your life and only YOU alone are entitled to your happiness. No matter how you view your life, how you view yourself or other people, everything comes down to how you want to see the world.

I am slowly figuring things out - by things, I really just mean figuring out myself and what I want in life. Slowly taking baby steps because nobody achieves something big overnight. Same goes to happiness. No one achieves true happiness overnight. Everything takes time, hard work and patience. 

Everything starts from you :)