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Saturday, 11 February 2017

4 Simple Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Countdown to V-Day: 4 days

If you have no idea what to throw on for Valentine's Day or if you're just looking for something simple to wear on the 14th of February, here are 4 very simple Valentine's Day outfit ideas for you.

I have also prepared a little video for you to watch at the end because I love you :)

*I have also done a collaboration with The Chrissy Collective on this whole Valentine's Day outfit ideas post. So, if you want some more V-Day outfit ideas, be sure to check out her link! It's really good, I promise*

1) All Red All Night Date

If you are looking to spice things up a bit with your partner and give them a little surprise, this red, romantic playsuit will make you feel sexy even if you don't feel sexy at all. Perfect look for a romantic date night.

2) Flirty Afternoon Date

If you are going on a lunch date with your special someone, this fun and flirty look is perfect for you. Something with flowery prints on is always cute and fun.

3) First Valentine's Date 

This dress alone is sophisticated enough if you are going on your very first Valentine's date. Let this lacey red dress do the talking for you while you sit back and enjoy your date.

4) At-Home Date 

I personally love celebrating Valentine's Day at home because I love cooking up a storm and baking! However, even if you are having a lovely, romantic night in, you don't want to look like a slob. So, this is the perfect little black dress (LBD) to throw on. Just remember, when in doubt, put on an LBD! 

Happy Valentine's Day lovelies :)

Valentine's Day Lookbook Video:

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