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Friday, 23 September 2016

20,000 PAGEVIEWS!!!

"Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you can only spend it once." - Lillian Dickson

Happy Friday everyone!

In my opinion, every Friday should be a day of celebration. Actually, I do have a few friends who would always throw a party every Friday night. I have tried doing that before but after a month, I got so exhausted throwing parties every Friday and decided to just attend parties instead (haha!). But yes, the weekend is finally upon us and no matter how many million times I say this, I still get so excited for the weekends! 

Anyway, speaking of celebrations.

I guess I do have one thing to celebrate today. Well, here's a fun fact. Because I have been a little bit busy with my life lately and slacking on my blog, I just found out that my blog hit 20,000 pageviews at the end of August, which is totally amazing!

I don't normally have aims of how many pageviews I can/want to get (as you can tell because I'm just writing this post now haha). I just write what I want on here and share whatever I want (as you can tell from the structure of my blog and my writing form). I've always treated my blog as a little online diary of mine. But yes, it's totally amazing that you (all you lovely readers) would stick with me and read my posts. 

I'm honestly very happy and grateful for this. I think I hit 10,000 pageviews at end of April not long ago. 

I love every single one of you who reads my blog and leaving comments and sharing. Honestly, it means the absolute world to me to know that I'm not the only one having bad days or going through tough times. BIG HUGS! 

Since all of you have been so amazing, I've decided to share 5 current things about myself that you DO NOT know about. Trust me, it isn't as interesting as you might think but just thought I'd share them anyway.

1) I downloaded Pokemon Go on the 19th of September and have been obsessed ever since. I am currently at Level 15, if that interests you at all. Haha!

2) I do not have a SnapChat account. I know I know! I'm probably the last person on this planet who do not own one!

3) I love my 2 dogs so very much even though they give me headaches sometimes. I just love them to bits!

4) My circle of friends can be considered "small". I wouldn't say tiny or huge but I think small is the right term. I read a quote last year: "the less people you hang out with, the less bullsh*t you deal with" and I've been applying that to my everyday life ever since. And believe me, it's true and it works. 

5) I am in a long-distance relationship right now which pretty much sucks. I mean, no one on this planet likes to be in a long-distance relationship and no one deserves to be in one. But my boyfriend and I are OK. 

*Oh yes. It gets more and more personal once a milestone is achieved. Haha! Not that my personal life is that interesting but I just like my readers to know more about me :)* 

TGIF! Have a great Friday! X