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Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Good evening all you lovely foodies out there

I'm back with another food post (ha! no surprise there). I guess it's because I want to share what food I've been enjoying a lot for the past couple of weeks. I mean, good things (AND good food) should be shared with everyone :)

So, I know I just posted my "restaurant of the month" yesterday but I've been enjoying loads of other food too. I mean, just to pick ONE restaurant for last month was a already challenging task!

Because I've been stuffing my face in different sorts of food ever since I came back from the UK, I decided to write this post where I share 3 of my favourite food I've had so far and have been completely in love and obsessed with.

1. Char Siew Rice

Without a doubt, my ultimate favourite food so far! It's basically roasted pork covered in char siew sauce served with fragrant rice. The tricky bit would be how the chefs in hawker stalls or restaurants prepare and make the char siew sauce that goes on top of the pork. If the sauce is good, everything else is good. I've been to two places in Kuala Lumpur that serve amazing Char Siew Rice. I would eat that over and over again, no doubt!

2. Roti Canai 

In Malaysia, roti means "bread'. There are many kinds of roti. Roti Canai is the original stuff and it is served with curry and dahl. The massive one I had was Roti Tissue, which was to-die-for! I loved all the roti! I mean, I honestly can't pick a favourite type of roti. They're all just amazing!

3. Dim Sum 

I mean, you can't really go to a Southeast-Asian country and not get dim sum. The place I went to was called "Din Tai Fung". It's just nothing like the ones in Western countries. Although, I really do want to try the dim sums in China because I hear they're really good. But Malaysia has loads of great dim sum places to offer. It's a definite MUST!

Definitely give these 3 a try if you're visiting Malaysia! X