Thursday, 4 August 2016

Hello August!

Can you guys actually believe that it's August already? Normally, when I'm on vacation or on a break, I tend to forget the dates and days I'm in (and I bet I'm not the only one. Haha!). So when I actually checked my calendar this morning, I was reminded that today is the 4th of August! I literally still remember people celebrating the 4th of July like it was yesterday.

Good evening all you lovely people out there :)

I know I'm always the slowest blogger to welcome you lovely readers into the month but I guess it's just because the thought of how time flies by THIS quickly is scaring the sh*t out of me. I honestly wish that there were more days in July, which is probably the scariest thing for me to say. I guess everyone feels the same way about a month they enjoy. Like December and Christmas and presents and everything else, I wish that there were 40 days in December instead of just 31 days. Anyway....


I really hope all of you are having a great start to the month. I know I am. I've been checking in with myself these 2 days. I think the last time I actually checked in with myself was back when I was daily blogging in May or June (?), which was 3 months ago!

*PAUSE* That's a long time!

I feel like when you check in with yourself occasionally and ask yourself how you're doing and how you're feeling, you get to know yourself a little bit more.

I also think it's healthier for your inner self to meditate at least once or twice a week.

Think about what makes you smile and find out what makes you happy. You don't have to figure everything out now. You just need to know what makes you happy at the end of the day.


Lately, I've been catching up with some friends (which is one of the things I like to do, especially when it's a friend you've known for 18 years). My lovely camera has been keeping me company as well.

Eunice and I came to this lovely park this evening. It's just amazing. I mean, I'm already into nature and all that jazz but it's even nicer when your best friend goes along. We did some photoshooting and had talked under the scorching hot sun (which is probably the craziest thing I've done so far!).

I just enjoy little strolls in the park so much. There's just something beautiful about it.

Don't you think? X