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Saturday, 13 August 2016


Good evening my lovely readers

First of all, my sincere apology for disappearing on you for a week. No explanation there. However, I have been planning loads of exciting things and exciting posts for the upcoming weeks. So, do stay tuned for those :)

Meanwhile, one of my exciting things started last night - as you can already tell from the title.


Because we all love Friday nights, don't we?

I wanted this session to be chilled and relaxed and quiet. Since Eunice was having her day off from work, we decided to plan this little session together.

I haven't really had a "girls' night in" before. Like, I never really got to hang out with any of my girl friends and chilled for a night - talking about boys, work, movies, etc. So, I really enjoyed it last night.

In today's post, I would just like to share a few things I've done last night to make a "girls' night in" more exciting and enjoyable than just a casual drinking session with your girl friends.

1) Get a Takeout 

I feel like getting takeout is always a much easier and better option than cooking and being exhausted from all the work in the kitchen at home. Eunice and I opted for some Thai food last night because it's been quite a while since we last had Thai food (for me anyways). And also because I just freaking love Thai food, don't I?

For food, as well, I feel like snacks such as crisps and sweets are a MUST on occasions like these. Because when we talk or when we watch TV, there's always going to be something to munch on :) So, we both laid out some crisps and apples on the table.

2) Transform a Room

In other words, your setting. I transformed my sitting room area into a cozy little nest where both of us could lie down in, chill, take pictures and watch TV. It's just nice to transform a room that you've lived in for years into something completely different.

3) Manicure 

I feel like a "girls' night in" session isn't really complete without throwing in a girly activity. Eunice has a massive shoe-box collection of nail-polishes. She decided to paint my nails and I opted for more summery colours and went for polka dots nails :P They just look so fun.

4) Mocktails and Cocktails

I mean, this is literally why girls would have nights in with their friends. To drink and bitch about the next person (not really though). But the drinking part is true :) So, I made a few mocktails for us to drink and we also had some alcoholic cider.

All in all, it was such a good night. I really enjoyed it. So, I hope this post will help you in planning your next pajama party/slumber party or anything else you want to call it. Also, it's just a really fun thing to do on weekends.

Have a lovely weekend X