Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Short Trip To Krabi

Good evening my lovely readers

I mentioned before in a few of my previous posts that I'll be going to Krabi, Thailand for a short little vacation. 

Well, I just came back from that short trip today. And this is potentially the last trip of my "long" vacation. By this, I mean, my last planned trip (UK - Bali - Kuala Lumpur - Krabi). I'm sure I'll have some impromptu trips coming up but for now, the only trip I have left is a trip back to my hometown. 

I have never been to Krabi before. It was all new to me so I didn't really know what to expect from it. 

The place I went to for 2 nights of relaxation is called Ao Nang, which is in Krabi.

Let me explain it this way: 

1) Krabi is the main town and the capital of Southern Thailand's Krabi Province. It lies in an area of limestone karsts and mangrove forest. 

2) Krabi is also famous for all the small islands surrounding it. Phi Phi island and James Bond island are just a few examples. 

3) Ao Nang is an even smaller town in Krabi and acts as the central point of the coastal province of Krabi. 

So, basically..... a town within a town. Some serious inception going on here (haha). 

I took this short trip with my mum and my brother. A very much needed trip actually. However, in my opinion, another night there would have been ideal. I did thoroughly enjoy my time there. 

The plaza we stayed in was just amazing. I mean, I honestly don't mind waking to this view every morning :) 

For those of you out there who love Thai food or just love trying new food and new cuisines, the food in Krabi will not disappoint you. In fact, I think Pad Thai might actually be my new favourite dish! There are just so many delicious foods to try. And in my honest opinion, you can find the most authentic Thai food at the "Night Market". Some people might not be able to take the heat or just the idea of street food, but it's just the best place to find authenticity. If not, there are always restaurants nearby. Me, being a foodie, tried both of course. My brother and I went to a local Thai restaurant near our plaza the first night we were there. It was really really good. No regrets there, I promise you. 

Papaya Salad

Pad Thai

Mango Sticky Rice from the Night Market

The next day, we bought tickets to go on a longtail boat to visit the islands nearby. Longtail boats are the only form of transportation to visit the other islands near Ao Nang. 

It was probably one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in my life. Not going to lie, I was a bit scared at first because we were obviously going to be in the open sea on a freakin' boat WITHOUT life jackets. However, it was alright once we were out in the sea. The weather was amazing, the sea was calm. 

It's just one of those things that I can't describe in words. I can only put it this way: if you think the pictures in this post look amazing, just imagine the real thing being 10 times nicer. It was absolutely breathtaking. I got to visit Chicken Island, Ko Poda, and Railay Beach.

Karsts and mangrove - exactly what it's known for. Just amazing.

Chicken Island (apparently because of the shape of the karst)

Getting out of the longtail boat was no easy task, let me tell you *unglam*

Ko Poda

Railay Beach - perfect for honeymooners :D 

Under the coconut tree :) 


Soft sand, clear skies, crystal blue water, warm weather - PARADISE!

It was definitely an experience to remember!

Thank you for reading X