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Tuesday, 12 July 2016


I think all of you will know by now that I've been to a few beaches for the past couple of few weeks and I absolutely LOVED it! If I'm not mistaken, my obsession for beaches started when I was 18 or 19 years old. I don't know but it's just the whole idea of it. I know I say this a lot but when I'm at the beach, I just feel so peaceful and calm. To me, it's not all about the tanning or the sunbathing. I would normally sit by the beach and enjoy the breeze, close my eyes and enjoy the sound of waves, walk on the sandy beach while small waves splash over my calves and feet. It's just one of the best feelings in the world.

Good evening my lovely people

I guess with huge obsession for beaches comes a "tiny" obsession for beachwear :) 

Now, for me, it's not ALL about the bikinis. Like I said, I don't tan or sunbathe on beaches AT ALL. So obviously, the pictures in this post won't be about me in bikinis *ooops*. I mean, no one would want to see me in a bikini anyway (haha!). But who cares.....

As long as I feel great about myself.

And I think I mentioned in my "Summer Bucket List" post that I wanted to put on a bikini and feel great about it. That's one thing to cross off my list (tick). 

So today, I'm going to share a couple of beachwear ideas with you. You don't have to like what I've worn or picked but it's just an idea I had in my head to share these with you. Initially, I wanted to name this post "5 MUST-HAVEs FOR THE BEACH" but decided that you don't really NEED to have these things to go to the beach :) So, here goes......


Oh my goodness. I have a new found love for straw-hats. I mean, it's just the best thing for a walk on the beach. I think I've worn my straw-hat most times I was on the beach. It's just lovely. It covers your eyes and face from the sun, protects your hair, makes you look like you've put a little more effort (or it could just make you look like a tourist, haha). I don't know - it just looks so stylish. I got my straw-hat while I was in Bali and wore it to beaches ever since.


OBVIOUSLY! But I would normally throw something over it unless I'm actually going into the beach for a swim (which never happens) or if I swim in pools. Putting on a bikini just makes it feel a bit more - hmmm.. how shall I describe it without sounding like I've actually said a bad word - "beachy" (haha).


I really love kimonos. Honestly, it just goes with anything - except for jumpers, I guess. It goes with dresses, with vests, with t-shirts. It's just perfect. Even if I'm just chilling by the pool, chucking on a kimono made me look like I actually put effort in my little swimwear outfit instead of just walking out with a bikini or swimsuit. I think kimonos just add a little bit more to your outfit and make you look a bit classier, which is why I love them.


So, before I left the UK, I've been completely obsessed with play-suits and jumpsuits. However, when I first went to the beach in Bali IN A FRIGGIN' JUMPSUIT, my skin was literally boiling. It was not a good idea but I looked good so it's fine :) Play-suits, however, are just golden. I wore a play-suit in Bali for a sunset dinner by the beach. It was breezy, it looked good, and it made me feel pretty :)


I think this comes as no surprise to all of you out there who knows my style. Shorts are just my thing. In the UK, when it's super freezing, I just wear leggings underneath and put on some shorts. In Malaysia, shorts are pretty much all I wear. Even if I have a dress on, I will always have a pair of shorts underneath. But yes, back to the beach, I think shorts are an essential for beaches. It makes you look sexy anyway, so why not? I had shorts on most times on the beach. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this little post about my beachwear experience or beach essentials/ideas (sort of - whatever you want to call it. haha). Do let me know which look you would go for if you were to head out to the beach :) 

Love you guys X