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Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Good afternoon my beautiful people

I hope everyone is having a great week so far.

I've decided to write something again today because I just had one of the most amazing experiences yesterday so I just thought I'd share this post with you.

This was definitely one thing on my bucket list. However, I would still love to have another amazing experience like this again.

There are so many famous places to visit in Bali - so many tourist attractions, so many great places for food. I decided to try out a seafood restaurant that I googled before going out which is called Jimbaran Bay Seafood. To be honest with you, I thought it was going to be the typical seafood restaurant where you pick your own lobster or whatever kind of seafood you like and ask them to cook it how ever you want. So we arranged for a taxi to come get us from the hotel.

Oh my great goodness.

When we got there, I was honestly amazed.

Basically, a guy ushers you to a table ON THE BEACH. Yes, that's right. ON THE BEACH guys! 

We got there at a perfect time too. It was about 5:55p.m which is when the sun is almost starting to set over here. We took our seats and soaked everything in - the view, the breeze, the sand, everything.

This was obviously a massive tourist attraction as there were so many people from different countries taking pictures of the sunset, of the sea, of the beach, of the food, of everything.

There was a traditional Balinese performance at the end of the meal too!

I've got a few pictures as well. Let me just show you what I mean by AMAZING.

This was definitely worth it. The experience of having a nice meal on the beach while watching the sunset was definitely one of my dreams come true.

This place is definitely worth a visit.