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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Restaurant of the Month: Coffea Caban

Good morning all you lovely foodies out there :) 

As you all know, it's time for me to name my favourite place to eat in the month of April. This month (well, April), I've been to probably 5-6 places in total but I came back to this particular place TWICE. 

So, yes.......it is THAT good! 

My pick for April is........... 

............ COFFEA CABAN 

First of all, let me just show you how amazing the Hot Chocolate looks! 


Hold it! Here's a close up :P


I mean, is that not just perfection? 

I was in heaven for a second when I took a sip. As most of you will know, I'm a huge hot chocolate lover so I'm very critical about this. The Deluxe Hot Chocolate is a MUST in this little "restaurant". I guess this is sort of like a restaurant because it serves pretty much everything - from pastas and burgers to rice and chicken curry

Now, on to the pictures :) I know it might look like nothing special but trust me, this place is definitely worth the try!

Standard Full English Breakfast (oh yums!)


Really fresh and I love how they have curly fries too :P 

Now, on to the real deal. *WARNING: Pictures below might cause hunger and crave*

So please don't ask me why I don't have a bikini bod yet! HAHA! These were so so good. I especially liked the oreo cheesecake and raspberry cheesecake. The banoffee tart and caramel cake were amazing too!


 Oh just me enjoying my hot chocolate if you couldn't tell. 

And this is why Coffea Caban made it to my "restaurant of the month". The environment itself is just so cozy (sorry for not taking pictures of the surroundings. I was just too into the food). I can't believe this is located right behind my work place. Amazing! Worth a try or two :P

Thanks for reading my lovelies X