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Friday, 29 April 2016


Good evening my lovely readers

I know I don't normally post at this hour but as I was in the shower just now (yes, where I make all my important life decisions), I thought of something interesting (which rarely happens). I'm a massive fan of "throwback Thursdays" which probably makes me the lamest person in the world. But I don't really care. I've decided that I would write a "Throwback Thursday" post every Thursday. Ha! Well, that sounds interesting to me anyway :P

So as I've mentioned in my previous post, I really like scrolling through my phone and looking through all the pictures I've taken over the years. So I've decided to share my 10 most amazing sceneries I've captured on my phone with my own two hands from 2013-2015.

I'm going to start from 2013 and slowly down to 2015. Hope you enjoy the pictures! :D

1) 5th October 2013 (4:24pm) Souter Lighthouse, South Shields.

Honestly, this is probably one of the nicest pictures I've ever taken in my entire life. I mean, just look at it! It's perfect. I went back again this year and discovered that they have removed the lighthouse for some kind of renovation and I was just so sad. But this is by far my favourite pic of all times!

2) 2nd November 2013 (10:01am) Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh.

I know it's nothing spectacular but it was the first castle I've seen in my life at that time. And it is still amazing!

3) 20th April 2014 (12:07pm) Mowbray Park, Sunderland.

I think my mum actually purchased a painting similar to this (excluding me, of course). I mean, if this isn't pretty to you, what is? I went back again this year, wanting to take more pictures. But sadly, the flowers have been replaced by some other things (which is nice but not as nice as the flowers).

4) 22nd June 2014 (6.14pm) Stadium of Light, Sunderland.

OK. The only reason why I picked this picture is because I was at Jason Derulo's concert and just my first ever concert in my life. It was really cool. Perhaps the coolest memory on my phone at the moment. Haha! How sad am I? And everyone looked like tiny ants from where I was sitting. LOL!

5) 14th July 2014 (11:34pm) Big Ben and London Eye, London.

OK. So I know I've been to London about 10 times, but this picture was actually my very first time in London. And what makes it so special is that my dad and brother were with me and we went right after my graduation. But also, I can never get a better shot than this everytime I visit London now. This picture is just amazing.

6) 1st November 2014 (9:52am) Whitby.

This is probably my 2nd fav picture out of the 10 in this post. I mean, this is basically a postcard! I was so fortunate to have been able to come here with a few close friends. I'll never forget this. Lovely!

7) 20th March 2015 (8:34am) Sunderland. 

Witnessed the Solar Eclipse. I mean, that's a no brainer. Not an amazing shot, but definitely a cool moment.

8) 6th June 2015 (4:41pm) Durham Castle, Durham.

I mean, I'm just sorry for being in this shot. Look at the green and the blue in the background! It was just perfect!

9) 10th November 2015 (11:42am) Ha'Penny Bridge, Dublin. 

Now, I went for this over The Guinness Storehouse because I really really like this bridge and the whole history behind it. Google it if you don't already know. There's a reason behind the name "Ha'Penny". And look how a bird was in this shot. Perfect shot!

10) 25th December 2015 (10:31am) Sunderland.

I mean, as if you even need to ask. I just think this is definitely my third favourite picture out of the 10. I forgot whose house I was in but just look at how beautiful this Christmas tree is. I don't even know how I managed to capture this shot. I mean, the angle and everything is just spot on. I LOVE IT! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! :D

Those are my 10 picks from my phone. I mean, I'm no professional photographer but I really liked these pictures. Let me know what you think :)

Thanks for reading X