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Monday, 23 May 2016


Good afternoon everyone!

Hope you're all kicking Monday in the butt right now. I know I am. And I'm also trying not to let Monday kick me in the butt anymore :) 

Back to my story.....

Lately, I've seen a lot of my friends getting out of their houses to enjoy the sun here in the UK. I know I've been doing that a lot too - almost everyday. I love how I can enjoy the sun without getting sunburnt or without feeling too hot. That's probably what I love the most about Spring. The weather is just perfect for me. Because when summer comes, I will either get sunburnt or uneven tan lines. 

Not to mention, there's no such thing as enjoying the sun back in my country. It pretty much feels like I'm living in an oven - something I'm not really looking forward to. But since I don't get to spend summer here in the UK, at least I get to spend "summer" back home :D 


Sundays are just perfect. I've never really appreciated Sundays as a student because it just feels like any other weekdays where you just get your brain ready for another week of torture and read through all your notes for an exam you might not even know about. Pop quiz - that's the term for it (lol)!

Since I'm doing "something different" everyday, I decided to have a picnic - in my room! Well, this wasn't entirely my idea, it was the boys'(thanks for the ideas, guys). 

Initially, I planned to go to a park nearby to have a little picnic but the weather was just not on my side. In fact, it was raining cats and dogs - perfect sleeping weather - might I add. 

After we finished church at 12 noon, it was hot and sunny. At 1pm, grey clouds filled the sky and even though we could still see a tiny hint of sun, it just wasn't promising. So we all went to my place to prepare some picnic food and see if we could trust the weather. It started pouring at 2pm, which was when we had finished preparing everything. 

Hence, indoor picnic :D 

Trust me, it wasn't a bad idea. 

I already cleaned up my room last few days because I had friends coming over and kept it tidy ever since. So, we had a nice cosy picnic in my room :D 

As usual, we prepared more than our tummy could eat. But it's always better to have leftovers instead of half-empty tummies. 

The rain wasn't stopping so we decided to watch some movies and catch up on some Big Bang Theory (my new favourite sitcom)!

It was just such a relaxing day. I enjoyed it so much.

After all, Sundays are for chilling and relaxing :D