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Monday, 4 April 2016

Restaurant of the Month: Apparo

Hello my lovely foodies out there :D

It's time to see which restaurant made it to my blog for the month of March - although I kind of gave a little hint in my previous post.

So, the restaurant of the month is....................

............. Apparo

This place is a hidden gem - definitely!

It is located in between South Shields and Sunderland so it takes about 20 minutes by bus to get there.

I really wanted to explore more out-of-town restuarants and I never thought I would find this place. My boyfriend and I got off the bus and just started walking around trying to find a random place to sit down and eat. And we stumbled across this place.

From the outside, it looks really normal. Just like your average coffee shop/cafe. Walked in and holy heck! The atmosphere was amazing! Modern decor, nice and warm feel, cosy couch, wide selection of cakes, friendly staffs. I mean, this place is sort of like a cafe/restaurant/tea room. The menu is really good and well put together.

I didn't know they do afternoon tea until a family ordered that. It looked soooo GOOOOD! Definitely coming back here next time.

I didn't take many pictures this time because there were only 2 of us eating. Apologies.

All you hot chocolate lovers out there, this is definitely worth a try! Really amazing!

Left: Hot sandwich (Chicken sandwich with gravy in poppyseed bread - HEALTHY)
Right: Apparo special burger 

And you know me, always have to have dessert :P (Please tell me I'm not the only one here)

Left: Fruit scone with jam and cream
Right: Victoria Sponge Cake with cream

I know this seems kind of normal and old fashioned but the main reason this restaurant made it to my blog is because of the atmosphere. And just look at how they plate everything. Professional. Worth a visit!