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Saturday, 16 April 2016

5 Ways To Enjoy Your Weekend

I used to be the type of person who could just stay in bed all day during weekends. Especially during cold days. I could just stay under the covers for as long as I can, whether that's sleeping or watching a movie on my iPad or reading a book.

Now that I have a job and work every Monday to Friday, I tend to appreciate the weekends more. I explore new places to eat, hang and chill with my friends, dress up in nice outfits instead of work uniforms.

There are probably 3 types of people in the world during weekends:

1) Out-goers: going out every single weekend
2) Insiders: staying at home as much as possible on weekends
3) Mixture of both

Again, I classify myself as a mixture of both. I used to be the 2nd type few years ago, no doubt, but I now consider myself a little mixture of both. So, if you are like me and prefer a bit of both worlds, here are some of the things I would normally do on weekends.

I usually keep things really simple.


1) Bake

As you can see from my blog, I try out different new recipes every Sunday whether they are cakes, cookies or muffins. Baking has been one of my hobbies since I was young and it sort of soothes me :)

2) Chill

I would normally invite a few of my close friends over and have a nice chill-out time. Have some tea and cake (the cake that I've made, obviously) and watch some Netflix or just catch up on each others' week.

3) Pamper Session

I would always have a nice and easy pamper session for myself and have a little relaxation time of my own. Face masks, body scrubs, soft music and a little alone time are normally what I like to do before starting another week.


4) Going out for Food

My friends and I normally make plans to go out on weekends because we are so caught up with work and studies during the week. It's a nice time to unwind and relax. Movies, coffee and food are
normally our thing. It all depends on you, really.

5) Window Shopping

I have to admit - I don't go shopping EVERY weekend but I do window shop every weekend with my girlfriends whether it's online or in malls. In fact, I probably do this everyday. But it's always nice to have some friends with you when you're shopping.

Hope this has helped :)

Have a lovely weekend!