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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Restaurant of the Month: D'Acqua

As most of you will know by now, I am a major foodie. Like honestly, if there was ever an award for this, I'd probably win Gold or Silver medal.

I like checking out new places to eat all the time. So because of this particular reason, I've decided to feature a restaurant that I've really enjoyed at the end of each month. Not that any of these restaurants need any promotions or advertisements because they're already so brilliant, but I just wanted to write something special about the choice of restaurant that I've picked.

So, the restaurant that I've decided to feature for the month of January is.......

........ D'Acqua

Only found in Sunderland. This restaurant is a combination of French, Italian and English. I've been here once in 2013 just for cocktails but decided to come here again a couple of weeks ago. Amazing food, affordable, classy. If you go during certain times (I think it was 5:30pm-7pm), you get a 3-course-meal for only £13! And let me tell you, it is so so worth it! Enough words, let the pictures do the talking.


Main: Salmon (SUPER YUMS!)

Main: Sirloin Steak (The sauce was perfect for both the mash potato and meat!)

Main: Meatbox that I ordered (MY PERSONAL FAV!!!!! OMG! THIS WAS LITERALLY LIKE A LITTLE TASTE OF HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH. The mini burger was a wonderful idea! I am going back for this again!!!! LOVED IT!)

To share: Pulled pork pizza (because everyone loves pizza :P ) 

Dessert: Tiramisu (look at how posh the serving is! YUM!)

People who know me would call me a "bottomless pit" (honestly, that should be my nickname) but the portion here was just the right amount for me. It's sort-of gourmet (I mean, look at the pictures and look how everything is served!) but for the right amount and the right price. Absolutely loved it and I would highly highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to be in a classy place and feel classy and have some classy food!

P/S: I didn't get the chance to take any pictures of how the inside of the restaurant looks because I was too busy stuffing my face in the meatbox. Even as I was walking out of the restaurant, I was thinking when would be the next time I'm coming back for that meatbox. So, I'll probably take pictures of the restaurant next time :D