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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Valentine's Day DIY Gift

So, it's that time of the year again - yes, I'm talking about Valentine's Day - an event where some people spend most of their time thinking of what lovely gift to get him/her on this special occasion. 

To be perfectly honest, Valentine's Day is like any other days if you ask me. Everyday is Valentine's Day if you're happy with the person you love. But I do see why people make this day extra special and everyone has their own reasons. 

I've never really celebrated Valentine's Day, to be honest with you all. I've either been very very busy at work/with life or not in a relationship at all (haha). This year, I've decided to actually properly celebrate it with my main man. I don't know what he has planned or what he's giving me on the day but I do know what I'm giving him :D

I think occasions like Valentine's Day and Anniversaries are super personal as compared to birthdays or Christmases or New Years because the day is between just the both of you, which makes it special. So, I feel like for gifts, DIY presents make it even more meaningful and exceptional. 

After scouting through various websites and projects, I've finally decided what to make for him.

This is actually my first ever DIY project and I'm going to call it "The Jar of Happiness". Basically, I picked a little something from projects that I really liked and mixed it with ideas of my own. 

So, I'm just going to share my little DIY gift idea with everyone. It's super easy to make (I made this within 2 hours) and it brings out the creativity in you.

*This gift applies to both HIM and HER*

The Jar of Happiness:


. An empty glass jar (whatever kind of designs you desire)
. Some hearts stickers
. Heart and lace threads (Again, whatever kind of threads you desire)
. Unused cards (preferably with bright colours or hearts)
. Colourful notes
. Pictures of you and your partner (this is what makes it special)
. Heart napkins (optional)


Basically, what I did was:

1) Cut the pictures and stick them IN the jar
2) Cut the unused cards into whatever shapes you want and stick them as a background
3) Tie some threads around the jar and around the neck of the jar
4) Paste some napkins as a second background (optional)
5) Write some meaningful messages on the colourful notes and fold them up
6) Put all those messages in the jar along with whatever else you want to put in the jar for him/her

So there it is. My first DIY gift for Valentine's Day. It actually looks really really good :D I hope this post has helped some of you who are actually struggling to find gifts.

*Note: This isn't a finished gift as I have yet to fill my jar up for him. I've only shown him how I've decorated this simple jar and also, he'll be reading my post if I wrote here what I've put in the jar for him. Haha! I want it to be a surprise for him on Sunday so, you get the idea :)