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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Truth About Pub Food

I think we all know how much I love FOOD. Honestly, it would be a dream come true if someone were to pay me to talk about food all day. That would honestly be the perfect job for me.

Because I can never have enough of food, I'm actually going to write a little something about pub food today :D

Before I came to the UK, I initially thought pubs were just places to drink and get drunk. But I have to admit, pubs actually have some of the greatest food served. 

Pubs are everywhere. Even in a small place like Sunderland, every corner I turn to, there's a pub. There's even a pub right in front of my house for crying out loud. So, you can basically imagine how many pubs they have in London (I'm guessing thousands!).

Here are a few things you should know about pub food:


The food selection is just endless. Whenever I go to a pub, I get something different to eat all the time. Unless of course I'm really craving for something I've already had before. But yes, there's definitely something suitable for everyone in pubs whether you're a vegan or vegetarian.


For me, any restaurants that have generous portions, I'm definitely going back the next time. If it's tiny little portions for posh people, I would go for the experience but definitely won't go back unless I get invited in (which is a situation I don't ever see happening). Honestly though, the portion of pub food is just amazing. The food in pubs fill me up real good and this is actually coming from me (a bottomless pit).


I know I know. Eating and cooking at home saves you a heck load of money but for those of you who are running dry on cash but can't stand not eating out once a week (like me), pubs are great places to be. And like I said, the portion is definitely worth the money. There are also meal deals available in most pubs. It's sort of like 2-for-1 meals where you can get 2 dishes for the price of one. However, these selections are limited.

The 2-for-1 desserts selection that me and Rachel normally go for. It's just so amazing and you don't have to worry about finishing it (by this, I mean some restaurants have bite-size desserts which are amazing but you're not satisfied because it's only 2 mouthfuls and you have to savour it) because by the time you're halfway, you'll be thinking "I'm so stuffed!" 


There's always something different in each pub. I've been to many pubs but only the one in front of my house serves cookie pizza (yum) and Giant Hot Dog. However, some of these are probably on promotion and it will probably not be served for a long period of time.

Giant Hot Dog

Cookie Pizza


OK. Probably nothing to do with the food but just want to throw it out there that pubs are a good place to chill and hangout. I normally go in the afternoon or evening because it tends to get a little busy at night especially when there are football matches or rugby matches going on. But if you're off work or uni and just want to catch up with mates and chillax, pubs are great. Plus you get to have food!


I promise you this: You will never ever be disappointed with the Full English Breakfast in pubs. Unless you're a chef, pubs honestly do the best fry-ups in my opinion. It just keeps you going throughout the day. And if you do go during actual (9AM-11AM) breakfast time (my breakfast time is 11AM-1PM sadly), you get the whole giant portion for ONLY £4 which is so much cheaper than anywhere else!

Sunderland's Pub

London's Pub

Both amazing!

These are the reasons why I love pub food so much but of course, do not have it every single day. It's nice to go once in a while and relax with friends or family. It's just my (an outsider in the UK) point of view :)