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Friday, 15 January 2016

Top 10 Favourite Food in 2015

I was scrolling through my phone last night, looking through my photo albums and when I got to the "FOOD" album, I just realized I haven't blogged about my top food picks in 2015!

Well, it's only 14 days after New Year so I guess I'm still allowed to post this :)

To be honest, I wanted to make it "My Top 5 Favourite Food" but I found that pretty much impossible because I've been to so many food joints and restaurants last year. So I decided to make it "My Top 10 Favourite Food in 2015" instead. Now, I'm not even sure if 10 is enough but I'm just going to limit myself to 10. Haha!

Right, so I'm doing this in no particular order and I'm also excluding restaurants in Sunderland because I didn't think it would be fair as I'm currently living here and also I'm going to do a whole post on that soon anyway.

So, let's begin! :D

1) Lobster & More
Location: London
Food: Lobster

I absolutely love the lobster here although many might think Burger and Lobster's lobster is way more amazing. I stumbled upon this place back in June when I was in London for a university trip. My friends and I were actually in Nando's when we saw Lobster & More across the road and I told myself that I had to try it the next day! In all honestly, I feel that the portion served here is bigger than that of Burger and Lobster and it is also slightly cheaper! I went back a couple of times whenever I was visiting London. Delicious, considered cheap in Central London and totally worth it!

2) Burger and Lobster
Location: London
Food: Lobster Roll

Like I said, Burger and Lobster is also amazing! And whenever I'm there, I would order the Lobster Roll instead of the Lobster because the lobster roll is just bursting with flavours. Plus, you don't have to get your hands dirty because the juicy lobster meat is already peeled for you. Easy menu selection, good service and wonderful!

3) Longhorns
Location: Newcastle
Food: BBQ Meat

I think we all know how much I love barbequed meat. And when I heard there was a place like this opening in Newcastle, I told my boyfriend that this was a MUST! If I'm not mistaken, there will be one in Sunderland soon. The BBQ Meat Platter was heavenly. Pulled pork melted in your mouth, honestly sending chills down my spine. Yes, it was THAT good! Cheap, modern and mouth-watering!

4) Vapiano
Location: London
Food: Pasta

I've never quite classified myself as a pasta person even though I'm a huge foodie, but damn! The pasta here was crazy good! Basically, you can order whatever kind of pasta you want and watch the chef prepare and cook it for you. There is also a pizza selection which is amazing. But in my opinion, the pasta definitely tops the pizza! There is also one Vapiano in Manchester because I really wanted to go there after my photoshoot (previous post) for dinner but it was closed. Interesting concept, affordable and perfect!

5) Treats
Location: Durham
Food: Tea, Cakes and Desserts

Come on guys. Desserts are probably the reason why I need to exercise so damn hard for! I can literally have tea and cake for breakfast. And this list would not be complete without a few dessert places. Treats is a very small shop in Durham with a wide selection of heavenly cakes! I've had so many of their cakes but the ones that I love most is still the Oreo Cake and the Red Velvet Cake. It's just perfect! Other desserts are very very mouthwatering too. Cosy, delicious and heavenly!

6) Taquito's
Location: London
Food: Burrito

Mexican food is probably one of my favs! You all know how much I love spice and spicy food. Mexican burrito has that exact spice I look for in a dish. Taquito's is probably the cheapest place I've been to for food in London yet it is soooo amazing! I've been coming back here ever since I first visited London back in 2014. That just shows how good it is! Cheap, authentic and magnifico! 

7) Chili Padi
Location: Newcastle
Food: Oriental (Malaysian - to be precise)

I've been in UK for almost 3 years and I can never find the perfect Malaysian restaurant until I came across this place. It's just full of flavours and it tastes exactly like home! It is a bit pricey if you convert it but totally worth it. I even took my boyfriend here and now he is dying to go to Malaysia with me :) Home, lovely and filling!

8) Man VS Food Grillhouse
Location: South Shields
Food: Smoked BBQ Meat Platter

And again, coming to the meat side of things. My boyfriend's friends decided to attempt the Man VS Food challenge which is to finish a whole freaking tray of meat along with some other sides of your choice. You know, I've been watching Man VS Food ever since I was a teenager and whenever Adam Richman said "Man Lost", I would always say "OMG! Even I could do that!" Well, I think I actually know how he feels now. The smoked BBQ Meat Platter was absolutely jaw-dropping (in a good way). I was done probably less than halfway and gave up entirely. However, they did also have a selection of desserts. So, I got the peanut butter cheesecake even though I felt like I was going to pass out from consuming too much meat :P Let me tell you, this place is amazing! Affordable, heavenly and awesome!

9) Boojum
Location: Dublin
Food: Burrito

Back in November, my boyfriend took me to Dublin for my birthday and I decided to make it a food holiday. Haha! To be honest, most food in Dublin are found here in the UK but the one place that really stood out, for me personally, was the burrito in Boojum. Oh my goodness, how do I even describe this. Just imagine something so good that you automatically close your eyes to enjoy it. And after you realized you've only got one bite left, you don't want it to end because it is THAT nice! The queue started to get crazy after we sat down at 11a.m., which proves just how popular that place is. Tasty, amazing and so so good!

10) Creams
Location: Newcastle
Food: Desserts

Once again, this list wouldn't be complete without another desserts venue. I actually did not do any research on this place. My boyfriend and I were walking down the street and saw this place so we decided to give it a go. Gosh, where do I even begin. The pancakes and waffles would just make you go "mmmmmmmmm" without even noticing you just made a very inapproriate noise. With a milkshake on the side, you should probably pull yourself back down to earth to check if everyone is staring at you from making all the weird sounds. Yes oh yes, that inappropriate person was me and I think I heard a couple of other people doing it. If you're a sweettooth like me, you will definitely LOVE this place! Affordable, glorious and heaven in your mouth! 

I realize I'm not the best at describing food but here you are, my top 10 picks for 2015. RIP to all the money I spent on food :/ Totally worth it though :D

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