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Friday, 1 June 2018

Things (I Want) to do in June

The fact that we're already in June scares me to my very core. 2018 is slowly slipping through my fingers.

Here's a little summary of the month of May for me: 

I was exposed to some influential people and I got to do some amazing work. It's quite funny because I remember breaking down at the end of April - wanting to quit my job and quit my life - but I'm really grateful I was able to pick myself back up in the month of May. I've created a new routine for myself which works perfectly well for me. I'm eating clean most days. I'm happier where I am now. So, I really hope you've had a wonderful month too.

But it's time to move in to a new month. Here's what I have in mind for June:

1) Go away more often

I find that I really need to get out of the city more to focus on my goals and my end game. Not to mention, I always come back with fresh contents and ideas. So, I will try to find some hidden gems in Malaysia this month.

2) Work more 

Quite the contrary of the first one but it's because I work more that I want to go away more too. A lot is building up on my plate now and I'm really happy and excited for everything.

3) Make time for friends

I need to constantly remind myself to meet up with people more often because sometimes, bright ideas will just come out of nowhere when you're talking to a friend.

4) Film more videos 

I've already created some contents that I want to film and I'm really excited about it.

5) Make weekdays as exciting as weekends

One thing I want to stop doing is to live for the weekends. I want to live for weekdays too. And I know I'm busy with work but I want everyday to be as fruitful as my weekends.

Anyway, I'm off to Lombok, Indonesia tomorrow just for a little breather. So, I'll see you next week :) In the meantime, drop me some of your goals this month in the comments