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Monday, 18 June 2018

4 Days in Lombok for RM1,000

Is it possible to enjoy such a magnificent place under a tight budget?


If you've already read my previous post, you would know that my uncle and I recently took a trip to Lombok, Indonesia. And the truth is, we both exchanged RM500 each for this trip and I came back with RM60 to spare. So, let me break it down for you.

Flight ticket: RM332

- return flight
- booked 3 weeks beforehand (AirAsia)

Accommodation: RM472 (RM236 per person)

- again, this was booked 3 weeks before the trip
- there are many types of accommodations in Lombok (AirBnB, luxury hotels, normal hotels, houses...) so it's just a matter of what kind of place you want to stay in throughout your vacation
- we booked a really amazing hotel called Kuta Baru Hotel through Agoda and the location was superb

Transportation: IDR770,000 (RM233/2 = RM116.50 per person) 

- we only took cabs to and from the airport and to some of the beaches we wanted to visit
- 70% of the times, we were on foot

Up till this point, the total is RM684.50

The rest of the money was spent on food, massage and a couple of souvenirs.

So, RM1,000 for 4 days in Lombok is totally do-able. You get the luxury side and the budget side too.

Hope this helps any of you who are planning a trip to Lombok and gives you a bit of idea on how much you can take with you.

Here's a video from the trip: LOMBOK ADVENTURES 

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