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Monday, 7 May 2018

Things (I Want) To Do in May

Here's a little summary of my April: I got to tick off ALL 5 things from my list

April honestly went by too quickly. Family and loved ones were definitely my priority.

But I have to say, last month was brutal on me. I went through a series of roller coaster rides for 30 days (not even exaggerating). One of my best friends resigned and I felt like I've lost someone in my workplace. Another one of my good friends just decided that he didn't want to be friends with me anymore, which made me feel confused.

On the other hand, my family and friends kept me sane and intact. Of course, there's also family drama which is completely normal. I just forgotten what it was like to be in that drama so I had to adapt to it in a span of 2 weeks. Family drama - not fun.

I also got judged for my life choices and people who I'm friends with by someone who means a lot to me, which kinda sucked because I thought I'm all set with all the friends I have right now.

My emotions and my whole life went to a downward spiral during the final week of April. I've just been through so much and I didn't know how/have the time to pick myself back up again. It was a difficult time for me because I just felt like I've lost so much.

Long story short

As of this very moment, I'm still in the midst of picking myself back up again. But I know I'm definitely going to be better this month. I've sat down quietly for quite some time to think about what I'd like to do/achieve in May. And here it is.

1) Start working out

I've been putting this off for the longest time. Giving myself excuses like I'm too busy or I'm too tired (which is quite normal, if you asked me). But I've signed myself up for yoga classes again. I need more zen and chi in my life. And it's starting this month.

2) Creating a new routine 

Again, for a long time, I've forgotten what it's like to put myself first and how I want my day to pan out. I've always been following other people's routines and plans and I felt comfortable. But I'm stepping out of that zone this month and making way for my own new routine.

3) Catch up with more people 

I don't like using the term "following up" because I'm in it for the friendship and "following up" just sounds like a business deal to me. But this month, I am going to attend more of my friends' events and just catching up with all my new friends (a.k.a new people I've met for the past 2 months).

4) Be consistent 

Another thing I will start doing more this month is being consistent - with my book, my blog, my videos, everything. No more excuses.

5) Focus

I've made a list of things I would like to focus on this month and let me just tell you, May is going to be all about self-love and self-care. Hopefully, you'll try it too.

One more month until we enter the half year mark, my friends. What are some of your goals for this month? Let me know in the comments :) 

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