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Monday, 14 May 2018


This blog has always been about motivation, travel and fashion. And if any of you have noticed, I haven't been posting a lot on fashion and here's exactly why:

On the 1st of January 2018, I declared "no shopping for 3 months!"

At the start of this little "challenge", I was really motivated because I'd been so broke from spending WAY.TOO.MUCH on clothing and everything else during the month of Christmas. Also, here's something you should know about me. Whenever I'm stressed out, I tend to shop for things I do not need. This is a very very bad habit which I'm trying to slowly get rid of. That's also one of the reasons why I set myself up for this "challenge".

I tracked my progress each month and finally have the verdict. So, here it is. Here are my thoughts: 


1) Like I said, I was motivated as hell because I was broke, so I couldn't really buy anything anyway.

2) I started appreciating the clothes that I have a little bit more. 

3) I didn't see the need to walk into any shops to buy any clothing. 

4) I pretty much have everything in my closet.  

5) I wasn't itching to go into any stores. 


1) I was still appreciating my wardrobe. I even started digging out clothes that I haven't worn in ages from the bottom of my cupboard. 

2) I didn't have the urge to go into any stores because I told myself I have all the clothing I need. 

3) I also tried not to go into any stores that I like and that I know I could afford. 

4) I realized how much stuff I had in my wardrobe. Stuff that I didn't even need. 

5) I was wearing all the new clothes that I never had a chance to wear. 


1) I did some wardrobe spring cleaning. Basically donated some clothes and gave some clothes away. That was a nice feeling. 

2) I analyzed what type of clothing I need and that would suit me for the next year or so. 

3) I got rid of some old, dirty clothes that I would not wear ever again, but was just too lazy to get rid of them or being too sentimental with them. 

4) My wardrobe is happy, so am I. 

5) I started looking at what I NEEDED more than what I wanted. 

So, here's what I've learned: 

1) I saved much more money and I could even travel more. 

2) Bad habits can be treated, slowly. 

3) I truly learn to appreciate what I have. 

4) I am much more careful with my money and what I purchase. 

I continued this until the end of April when I had a little splurge session with my friend. After analyzing what I really need in my wardrobe, and after donating 40% of my clothes, I basically just went to the "sale section" and got myself some stuff that I truly needed - for work purposes and for daily purposes. More on that in the next few posts :) 

My bad habit is still lingering in me. I do still want to spend money on clothes when I'm in a very stressful place, but I control myself and buy groceries instead. Not to mention, I save up for my travels, so that's definitely been helping me. You need to take responsibility. That's what it is and that's the biggest lesson this "challenge" has taught me. 

Have you ever tried something like this before? And if you want me to try some of your "challenges", leave them down in the comments too :) 

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