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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Your Koh Lipe Travel Guide

It still amazes me that there are so many islands I have yet to visit or even discover. That's probably one of the reasons why I love travelling. There's so much to learn.

Koh Lipe is a tiny Thai island near Malaysia's border. 

Recently, I was there on a vacation for 3 days and let me tell you, if you are looking for pure beach relaxation getaway, I would highly recommend Koh Lipe.

Here's a handy travel guide if you are ever in/visiting Koh Lipe, Thailand:

- The only tricky thing is getting to the island itself. We took a ferry from Langkawi (Malaysia) to Koh Lipe. And because the water's too shallow, the ferries all have to stop quite a distance away and we have to actually get to the island by a longtail boat. But honestly, that was the only tricky bit -

- FOOD - 

Koh Lipe Walking Street has a lot to offer. Whether you're vegetarian or not, you can definitely find what you want there. But since you ARE in Thailand, I would recommend Mango Sticky Rice (a must), Pad Thai, Thai Ice Tea (also a must), Tom Yam, and seafood.


I did not spend a lot at all. In fact, I probably spent a total of RM300 (roughly THB2,500) for 3 days. Mostly on food. Transportation is only THB50 per person wherever you go. But we walked most times. Massage was about THB250-300 depending on what you're getting.


It's completely free to enjoy the sceneries.

Here's an unofficial guide in video form:

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