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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

4 Days in Krabi for RM1,000

Is it possible to enjoy Krabi under a tight budget? 

The answer is YES! 

The truth is, my friend and I went to Krabi with a total of THB 8,051 each, which is roughly RM1,000 per person. In my opinion, that is quite reasonable. So, let me break it down for you. 

Flight ticket: RM188

- book your flights 3-4 weeks beforehand 
- if possible, weekday trips will be more worth it as flights tend to be cheaper on Mondays and Tuesdays
- I booked my tickets via AirAsia 

Accommodation: RM500 (RM250 each) 

- again, book your accommodation 3-4 weeks in advance 
- there are plenty of AirBnBs, hotels and resorts in Krabi, so it's just a matter of how luxurious/budgeted you want your stay to be
- We booked a very nice resort called Baan Ban Dalay via Booking.com and the place is just amazing. Location was great. 

Transportation: RM95 (RM47.50 each for 3 days)

- rent a scooter for THB250/day
- Tuk Tuks will try to rip you off real bad but of course it's for their businesses
- renting a bike/scooter is so much easier and more convenient but if you are confident with a car, it will still be cheaper than taking the Tuk Tuks

Island: RM50 (RM25 each for 2 islands)

- this is your choice. We didn't want to do island hopping so we picked 2 islands that we really liked and paid THB200 for a long-tail boat to each island
- island hopping packages can go up to at least THB1,200 and it will be from 8am-4pm 
- so this option is completely up to you

Up till this point, the total is RM510.50

The rest of the money was spent on food, souvenirs and massage. 

So, RM1,000 for 4 days in Krabi is totally do-able. You get the luxury side as well as the budget side. 

Hope this helps any of you who are interested in visiting Krabi and gives you a little idea on how much you can take with you. 

Here's a video from the trip: 10 THINGS YOU CAN DO IN KRABI, THAILAND 

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