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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

10 Amazing Pictures from Colombo

Honestly speaking, when I was told that I'd be flying off to Sri Lanka, I was excited.

I've only ever seen the places in Sri Lanka in magazines and flyers and on the telly. It's not normally a place that I would actually say "hey, I want to go to Sri Lanka", as compared to "Let's go to Bali in August" You get the picture, right? 

But I was in the Capitol city of Sri Lanka for 4 days and here's what I've learned from the locals over there. Sri Lanka is famous for 2 things: Ceylon tea and Ceylon gems. 

Anyway, more about that in my upcoming posts. Here are 10 amazing shots from my trip. 

Sea on one side, city on the other

Beautiful temple

Red Mosque

Coconut sambol with salmon waffle - the most amazing thing there

Tea selections 

Beautiful sunset

If you want to check out Colombo city, I vlogged all of that. Here's just one of the videos from my trip:

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