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Wednesday, 1 November 2017


It's official. Christmas decorations are up! 


November has got to be my second favourite month after December, of course. Not just because it's the month of my birthday but also because it's when most of us feel festive and all that jazz.

Like I said in my previous post, October was a good month - rather hectic but a good one. And I'm 90% done with moving. So everything is good.

I've been so busy for the past 31 days that I almost forgotten today is the first day of the month. But here I am with my November goals. To be really honest with you, I've had a rough start to November even though it's only 18 hours in.

But I read this quote just now and I'm going with it for this month:

"My life is far from perfect but I'm grateful for everything I have" 

This month, I want to achieve these:

1. Eat healthy 

Let's face it. I'm the last person who would actually eat healthy but since it's almost the end of the year, I'd like to think that I can achieve this.

2. Focus on my health 

With that said, I'm also planning on having a good sleeping pattern, drinking more water, and try to fit in a workout in my schedule.

3. Practice inner peace 

Something I've been doing for the past 2 months and it feels amazing.

4. Work in moderation 

I realized I've only NOT worked for 5 days in the month of October. And those 5 days all happen to be weekends. So, this month, moderation is the key word.

5. Read more

Oh yes. 2 more books and I'm done for the year.

Festive mood: on. November: let's go. 

What are your November goals? Let me know in the comments :) 

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