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Thursday, 2 November 2017

My Life One Year Ago

Back in March, I shared a very personal post with all of you (which you can read here).

Basically, my whole life changed since last November.

A complete 180-degree-turn!

From my public life to my personal life. In the span of 1 year, I have changed so much - physically, emotionally and mentally. And I think I can say this today.

"I am a survivor of broken hearts, of unemployment, of tough times, of my downfalls. I know for a fact that I am a survivor." 

Like I said in that post, tough and rough times don't last forever. I've completely experienced all of that. You fall, you get back up again. And I'm not saying that my life is perfect now, I'm still going through tough times, I'm still learning everyday, but I am stronger today because of those rough times.

In terms of Career

I never would have thought that I'd be working as a radio announcer/part-time blogger/attending events/interviewing ambassadors. NEVER IN MY LIFE. But here I am, doing all those things. I am fairly new to the industry but I think I'm going to stick around for a bit.

In terms of Relationship and Love

Well, this one was one heck of a roller coaster ride. And I've not "made it there" yet. But I've learned that if someone is meant to be with the other person, it's going to happen no matter what. So, don't force anything. Let it flow naturally.

In terms of Friendship 

I know so many people who live by this sentence "as you get older, you know who your true friends are". I'm going to be completely honest with all of you. The number of good friends whom I can trust and talk to is probably less than 15. And that's totally OK. You need friends who can and will be there for you when you cry or when you're going through tough times.

In terms of Personal Growth

I can definitely write a whole blogpost about this but the biggest growth I've seen in my life this year has to be my confidence and mental health. See, the older you get, you kind of know how society works and how screwed up the world really is. You'll never really know why people do the things they do, and you don't need to understand it. All you need to do is live your life and be happy.

In terms of Family

No matter what you do in life, even if your parents/family wronged you, they will always have your back. And you will always love them no matter what. That's just how it is. That's a fact right there. Your family will always be the one you count on for moral support.

It's almost 2018. Has your life changed much? Let me know in the comments :) 

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