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Monday, 30 October 2017

Challenge: Finish What You Start

How many times have you said to yourself "oh, I'm going to do this today" and you actually do it but you don't finish it?

The answer: Too many times

Now, I won't think of myself as someone who doesn't follow through, but there are so many times I've started something and don't ever finish it - be it chores, work, projects - I always seem to have a bunch of unfinished things piling up. 

I'm not too sure why this happens. 

But I think it's either your mind wanting to avoid some kind of sticky situation or you just have too much on your plate you don't know which one to finish first. Either way, my challenge for this week is to finish what I've started. 

1. Pack and move into my new apartment - it's really happening!

2. Blogtober - I'm doing so well at it, but not gonna lie, it's tough as heck!

3. Organize my upcoming projects - because there are just too many post-it to-do-list notes everywhere!

4. Book my upcoming trips - before it gets expensive

5. Finish reading one book by the end of the month! 

Do you have anything that you would like to finish? Let me know in the comments :)