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Saturday, 28 October 2017

5 Things I'm Missing: UK Edition

Can you guys actually believe it's been exactly a month since I've been back from the UK?

It honestly feels like just yesterday I was in a cold autumn condition, where everything is almost different from where I am now, where I had the most amazing 2 weeks this year.


So, as much as I love my work now and how I can hang out with a couple of my close friends here, I'm not going to deny the fact that I am missing some things back in the UK.

1. Walks in the Parks

Because I miss how I can walk in the parks without sweating.

2. Amazing views

Because just look at these views!

3. Afternoon teas

Because I'm addicted to afternoon teas.

4. Loved ones

Because this one's a given.

5. Hot chocolate

Because UK has the best hot chocolates ever!

Time flies! It's going to be November in a couple of days! Are there anything you're missing right now? Let me know in the comments :)