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Friday, 18 August 2017

3 Easy Slip-On Dresses for the Weekend

Now, I'm not one to dress up during weekdays. I don't wear office uniforms, I don't wear specific outfits for work. I basically dress how I feel, look presentable and go to work.

That's why I think being a blogger has helped me realize my fashion sense a lot more.

Because, the thing is, I like dressing up and I also like dressing how I feel. So, put the two together - that's exactly my fashion sense.

I've got a couple of meetings to attend to and friends to meet over the weekend so I've put together 3 easy looks for this coming weekend.

Weekends are just that - easy, simple. Hence why I want my outfits to stay that way.

1. Off the Shoulder

2. Smart Casual

3. Soft

Happy weekend friends! x

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