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Saturday, 2 September 2017


Shut the front door!


Happy new month day, my friends, although it is already the 2nd day of September. Still, may this month bring you nothing but happiness :)

If I were to review my August Goals, I'd say I've done a pretty good job. The only thing I didn't manage to do was to cook more often. In fact, I did the complete opposite of that! *damn* However, with all that said, my August was pretty good. I hope yours wasn't too bad too.

I know a lot of people struggle with happiness - myself included. That's why I try my very best to do the things that I love in the midst of all the bullsh*t happening around me. So this month, I've decided to stick to this beautiful mantra and I think you should too :)

"Life is all about laughing and having fun. Be with people who make you laugh and who you can have fun with, because in the end, it's all about being happy" 

Can you actually ask yourself this question: "Am I happy with my life? Am I living or am I just existing?"

Well, I want to start living. Often, I find myself slipping away from happiness because of all the thoughts I have and thinking about all the possibilities when in fact, I can actually go out there and do the things that I love with the people I love.

Happiness is all in the mindset. 

I've given quite some thought on what I want to achieve this month:

1. Find inner peace

Believe it or not, I've been trying this new thing where at the end of the day, I think about 3 things that made me smile. That is such a good way to eliminate all negative thoughts and vibes. Hence why, I will continue to do so until I can find peace within myself.

2. Make time for friends and family

Because they are gems and they make me smile everyday. That's good enough of a reason :)

3. Film more

If you've subscribed to my YouTube channel, you will notice that I've been quite consistent on there. Sometimes, I forget how much I love filming and editing.

4. Write more

Because I've been filming more and being more consistent on YouTube, I realized that I've neglected my blog which completely sucks because blogging and writing - they're the main reasons I stay happy. Hence why, I've already created a schedule for each post this month. So stay tuned for that :)

5. Travel more

I took a couple of weekend trips last month (which I will share in the upcoming posts) which made me realize how much I love travelling and exploring. And this month, I think I will be doing a lot more travelling.

This month, my main goal is to be happy and try to do the things I love most! Happy September everyone!

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