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Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Spring has always been one of my favourite seasons because it's that time when it's not too chilly and you can feel that tiny hint of heat on your skin. Another reason why I love spring is because we all start seeing brighter colours in our wardrobes, and I'm a complete sucker for floral prints and pastel shades.

As crazy as this sounds, I do prefer wearing boots and shoes over sandals and slippers. Hence, another reason why I love spring (because it is still quite cold to wear sandals out).

*This post is created in collaboration with Bonobos, which is a men's site. So, when they asked me to collaborate and create a hers spring look along with the men's spring collection in their site, I was completely up for it*

As much as I love giving life advice and sharing my stories here, I also love lookbooks and fashion. So, I've created 3 spring outfits that I think would go nicely together.

I feel like when it comes to fashion, not everyone is going to love your style. AND THAT'S TOTALLY OKAY. Because as long as you feel comfortable with what you're wearing and feel good about yourself, then you're totally fine.


Anything with floral designs or printed anything is a YES for me during spring! 

LOOK 2: 

Because Spring is not totally warm yet, I feel like jumpers are still an essential for Spring wardrobe. Mustard yellow and sea blue are colours that I quite adore during this time of year. It gives a calming effect! 

LOOK 3: 

Scarves and bombers? YES YES YES! Two items I'll never get enough of!

What are your Spring wardrobe staples? :) 

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