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Sunday, 28 August 2016


Good afternoon everybody!

I hope you're all having the best weekend ever considering it's a bank holiday Monday tomorrow. Here's to long weekends :D

So, I took a very sudden trip to Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday to go for an audition the following day. And I actually just came back from KL yesterday. I am extremely tired because I've been going to KL for two weeks in a row now.

I received a call from TraxxFM (a radio station here in Malaysia) on Monday - asking me to go for an interview/audition on Thursday. Hence, this little impromptu trip.

When I arrived the radio station (which was massive), I had no idea it was an audition at the time because they said it would be an interview. And at the back of my head, an interview will be no longer than half an hour. I went in and saw the word "AUDITION" in block capital. I honestly had no idea what to expect.

So, I was placed in a room with 15-20 people. It was really tensed at first. No one wanted to speak to anyone. It was like a competition and I felt uncomfortable at first. But after an hour or so, we all started talking and bonding, which was really good.

The producers handed us 5 stories in which we have choose 3 of the stories and paraphrase it and talk about it under a minute. All of us had a task of writing and completing a script in 15 minutes. The script had to include an introduction, 3 of the stories, an entertainment news written by yourself, a closing to your show, followed by breaking news. So, 7 talk-sets altogether. It was confusing at first - trust me, I didn't even get what one of the producers were talking about when she was explaining this. But when it came to the time, I sort of knew what they wanted.

They then brought me into the studio where there were 5-6 people watching me from the other side of the glass room. It was nerve-wrecking at first because all eyes were on me and what I was going to say. After a few seconds, I got comfortable with the whole thing, so no biggie.

All in all, it was a completely different experience for me. A good kind of different. I loved it. And this can be something I talk about with my friends while we're sitting in a cafe or whatnot :)

I vlogged most of my trip because I think it would something really nice to look back on next time. You can watch it here if you want to:

Happy Sunday y'all! X

P/S: I want to thank my bro for being there for me the whole time :D