Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Good evening my lovely readers

The past couple of days have been super hectic for me but I'm still going to at least TRY to make this post as interesting as possible. It is a little funny and a little personal too. I feel like my posts are so personal lately. Haha. Mostly dedicated to my loved ones. But I feel like a blog post alone is not even enough to describe how much love I have for them and how much they mean to me. So, here goes.


To be perfectly honest with you guys, I've been postponing writing this because it saddens me to even think about it. The thought of leaving them hurts me a lot inside. I mean, I've basically known them my whole time here in the UK. That's why they mean so so much to me.

On Saturday night, it was a ladies' night out for me. I went out with two of my best girls. A little back story about these 2. Obviously, we met at work (I mean, where else?). If any of you have read my post about the farewell party, you'll know that I call one of them princess and one of them tall girl.

Princess is honestly one of the funniest people I've ever known. The way she describes things and just the way she smiles - I love her to bits. Honestly, I never thought we would end up as close friends. I am nothing but grateful and thankful to have such an honest friend. From the first time we went clubbing, she was so nice to me. By this, I mean, welcoming me as one of her own instead of "just another Asian" or "just another colleague". I could sit here and say nice things about her all day but that would just bore you. Main point is, I love her. And thank you so much for having me as a friend.

Tall girl....... I don't even know where to begin. She hasn't changed one single bit from the day we met at work. Still funny, still always making jokes to make me laugh, still understanding me. I could go on and on and on about how the both of us have the same minds. And how similar our thoughts are at times. Haha. We just click. I don't think I've ever had a bad shift with her - EVER! I am also grateful to have such a wonderful, TALL friend like her. And forever thankful that I am known as "the coolest Asian" to her. Haha! That will forever be in my heart. Main point is, I love her. I hope you won't ever forget our "good times" at work.

So, how did we realize we're the new Charlie's Angels? 

Well, because one is tall, one is brunette, and one is Asian. Haha! I feel like we're the perfect match! *cry laughs*

Yesterday, I went out with "my number one". She wanted to see me before I left. She's honestly one of the prettiest women I've ever known. I'm not even going to lie, sometimes, I wish I had her eyes and her body. But I would still like to keep my height :P I received a little card from her which made me almost cry when I read it at home. I learnt so much from her. She's taught me how to not care what other people think about you and just be yourself and be happy. I needed her motivational speech everytime I started a work shift last year (I was in a rough state). She's been nothing but helpful. I love her so much! Also not going to lie, when she hugged me tight yesterday, I was holding back tears. Because both of us had so much laughs together. I'm forever grateful to have her as a friend. Thank you, my number one.

Also, I went out for coffee with 2 of my favourite people. I cannot even believe how we've managed to keep our friendship running for 2 and a half years. Haha! First of all, I've known him BEFORE I even started working in the restaurant (Yes, I used to love buffet. But not anymore). When I started work, he's been nothing but kind and helpful. Honestly, I'm so so proud of him because of his progression in life and wish nothing but the best for him. I will never ever ever ever ever forget the times when we went clubbing for 3 days straight in 2014. Haha! That was crazy.

Next, I've known her (my babe) since the first time we met in the club. She took care of me when I was tipsy. To be honest, she's been such a nice friend to me. She's kind and always tries to help me when I was sad. And I will never ever ever forget the times we went to the casino XD. Such nice memories. Love you so much.

Honestly, typing this post hurts me a lot. Do you know the feeling in your throat when you're trying to hold back your tears? That's me right now.

But everything will be alright as long as I have them in my life. Along with everyone else.

I can't believe tomorrow is my last adventure in UK before I return home to my country. Somewhat excited but nervous. Eeeek!