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Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Good evening my lovely people!

This is it! 14th of June! As I've mentioned at the very beginning of my daily blog post, I said my final daily blog post will be on the 14th because as of tomorrow, I will be off to my home country. So, here goes.


I spent a wonderful time with my lovely friends yesterday. We had a nice dinner and we headed down to the beach for a little stroll. Honestly, I feel so fortunate to have them as my little family here. And I am so happy to actually get a chance to spend my last day in the UK with them.

So, we went to an Indian restaurant called "Goa" which was absolutely beautiful - the place AND the food. It is located just by the beach. Hence, the little stroll we took after dinner.

Just a little back story.

I've known these lovely lots for about a year and a half now, which was about the same time when I started going out with Trevor. To be honest, they are his friends. But when he took me around to his place to visit them for the first time, they've been nothing but nice to me. I won't lie, I was intimidated at first because I always find it a little difficult talking to the people here because I am kind of a slow speaker in general, and I get scared because the accent here is so different from every other place in the UK. My listening skills, however, is perfectly fine. I sometimes just fear that they won't understand what I'm talking about and I will end up feeling like a total idiot.

But no.

They were/are just lovely.

Because I was so busy with my studies until last November, I never really got a chance to hang out with them. And I'm constantly working without no days off (as you've seen me complain before in some previous posts), I haven't got any time to go around theirs for a nice chill out night. But at the beginning of this year or a bit later than that, I started to know them a little better. And then we started hanging out more, and I just realize what awesome people they are.

I feel like no privacy is needed for this post because I'm honestly so proud and honored to have them as my friends. Again, I don't even think a blog post alone is enough to describe how lovely they truly are. But I will try my very best to keep it simple.

Everything I'm about to type is based on pure honesty, FYI :D

Let's start off with my brothers...

Initially, there were 4 of us living in this house.

But then came the 5th member.

Straight up, it is NOT easy living with these boys, I mean girls (haha. inside joke). Boys will always be boys. Messy, untidy, couldn't give two fucks about the dishes, can't cook for shit (except for you Trev. I love your curry) - you get the whole idea.

But they are honestly the nicest people I've ever known. They've got my back no matter what! I remembered coming home from work one day feeling like absolute shit (just another bad day), and we just stood in the kitchen, talking everything out. By this, I mean, me complaining about my day and how everyone around me was treating me like poo. The first thing that came out of their mouths was "who cares about them" I mean, honestly, the support I get from them is just unreal. They're also like my girl friends. I complain about someone, they agree and call them names to make me laugh.

I feel like everytime we have a conversation in the kitchen, my mood just lightens up immediately. There isn't a day that I do not leave the kitchen smiling or laughing after pouring my problems out to them. They are my big bros - always looking out for me.

The ladies - Soph, Jo, Nicola, Beth

Best people I could ever ask for. Again, at first sight, I was intimidated by all of them because first of all, they are all so pretty and I'm just..... well, let's not go there. They have been nothing but kind to me from the very first day. All I regret now is not being able to spend more time with them before. They are probably the few honest ladies left on this planet (well, in my opinion, at least) and I respect them so much for their honesty. I feel like there are no words to describe how wonderful they are because they've made me feel so at home this whole time and welcomed me as one of their own. I will forever be grateful for that. I feel like all of them are so cool. It's going to be hard for me to break it down but I'm just going to make it simple.

Soph - coolest person ever ever ever
Jo - kindest person you'll ever meet
Nicola - best poker face ever
Beth - best bitchin' and gossip session 

The guys - all of them in the pictures 

They are probably the funniest and kindest people I've ever met in my entire life. I don't think there's ever a time they have failed to make me laugh. Of course, at first sight, it wasn't as intimidating as meeting the girls. Because their response when they first met me was "you alright?". Pretty standard. I mean those were Trevor's first 2 words on our very first date. So you pretty much get the idea. I feel like I want to write a short story on all of them but that would take me ages. So I'm just going to cut things short.

George - funniest guy I will ever meet
Gaz and Arison - kindest people ever ever ever
Josh - funniest when he's drunk 
Gav - crazy gamer all the way; brother
Jonny and Ryan - honestly, I thought you guys were brothers at first (I'm so sorry); brothers
Trev - boyfriend and forever thinking he's funny; superman 

Thank you guys for such a lovely time. Much much appreciated.

On the other hand, I've just been trying to tie loose ends for the past couple of days. By this, I mean, packing, remembering all the gifts for my friends and family, my travel essentials, my "how-to-stay-alive-at-40-degrees-Celsius-everyday" guide, and just everything. I'm trying not to forget anything before I go back because let's face it, I will NOT travel 18 hours back here for my phone charger or my make-up brushes.

But I think I've got everything done for now.

Time for a little good night's sleep.

P/S: If you like horror movies, Conjuring 2 was SO GOOD!

Goodnight! X