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Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Good evening my lovely friends

I've got something really personal to write about today.

As most of you know, I quit my job as a waitress last week. And there were some other people leaving the restaurant as well. So, we all decided to have a farewell party yesterday (well technically, Saturday night until Sunday morning).

So, today's post is a little different from usual. I will be giving speeches and sharing my honest opinions on colleagues that I've worked with for 2 and a half years. All the pictures are from the farewell party. Enjoy.


I have been working in the restaurant for over 2 years now. And surely there were good days and bad days, just like every other job out there. But through this job, I've made so many friends. Friends for life. We've become like a little family and I couldn't be happier.

That's why I'm going to write about each and every one of them in this post (might be a little boring for some but I don't make goodbye speeches very often, so it is kind of special). And I won't be posting any names (for privacy sake). Instead, I will be posting nicknames I've had for them from the first day I started working there.

I will start off with the people I've worked with for the entire 2 and a half years I've been here. All of you have been like family to me. I mean, 2 and a half years is a lonnggggg time!

So, here goes.


- The man who can do it all. You name it, he's done it. From working the till to being a chef. He's always encouraging me when I'm down or having bad days. And especially when customers are just being mean and nasty. He's always teaching me new things. From different cultures and languages to controlling my emotions and training new staffs. He honestly does it all. And I'm so happy I get to spend 2 and a half years working with him. We've seriously been through so much together. Days when we went to the casino together, days when we got drunk together, days when we ate together. I will forever cherish those memories. Congratulations on Nissan, darling. This is just the beginning of an adventure for you. I wish you all the very best and hopefully see you in the future soon with your lovely lady (my babe). Thank you for all you have done. It will always be appreciated.


- Also known as "the pretty one" in my eyes. Since day one, she has been so nice to me. And the more I got to know her, the more I feel connected to her. Although I do see her more like a mother than a colleague. This is because of how she brings up her daughter and how caring she is towards me. In the 2 and a half years I've worked with her, she has always manage to make me smile and laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even when both of us are having bad days, we end up forgetting about it and just start making jokes. She will forever be my number one.


- Probably the tallest girl I will ever meet in my life. I had my first shift with her and I thought to myself "OH MY GOD. WHAT IS A MODEL DOING HERE? WHY IS A MODEL WORKING HERE?" Because honestly, she's so tall and pretty. And I would never ever thought that we would end up being crazy friends that we are now. We've "done" so many things together, it's embarrassing to even say it here. So that will always be between us xD. And I will probably be known as "the coolest Asian" to her since she's been saying that all the time. I'm glad to have so many great memories with her. Honestly, I love her so much!


- She was working with me when I was on trial and she has been nothing but kind to me from the very first day. But to be perfectly honest, I was intimidated by her beauty and didn't dare to talk to her. Then we slowly got to know each other and I found out what a funny person she is. We've had our "secrets" moments and I'm honestly so glad she's one of my best friends in the whole world. She even encouraged me to pursue my acting gig even though I was just kidding. But I will forever keep her encouraging words in my heart! She will also forever be my little princess. Congratulations on getting first class in your criminology dissertation and I hope your Oxford university adventure starts soon. All the very best to you and your prince :D I will never forget you and your lovely words.


- Honestly, my favourite AND least favourite person to work with. He is my favourite person to work with on busy weekends because we both have good vibes and understand what we're doing. Like whenever I'm busy, he helps me immediately and vice versa. We connect when we work on busy days. He's my superhuman because he's quick and strong when it comes to work. However, he is my least favourite person to work with when we've been put together on night shifts when it's super quiet. Both of us work really quickly in general. So it's hard to find things to do because he's either doing all the work or I am. There would be absolutely nothing for the both of us to do. But in all honesty, he is probably one of the most hardworking people I will ever meet. And he knows how to build robots!!! How cool is that! Thank you for all your help and hopefully I'll see you in September.


- I worked with him for almost 2 years because he came in probably in December 2014. He has been so nice and kind to me. He's always always ALWAYS helping me even when I don't need help. We've been through loads together. Every time we're working the same shifts, it will definitely be a laughing session because of some inappropriate jokes or crazy things we say to each other. When he's not working, he can be found in the library studying his head off. He will forever be my old sport. Goodluck in all your future assignments and also congratulations on getting 3 first classes on your assignments. Thank you for the laughs, old sport. I will miss you.

As you can tell, I was a little drunk to give speeches. Hence, this blog post :)

Now on to some new people I've been working with for almost a year. Or less :P


- Also known as "the funny and smart ones". I have so much love for them. Both of them have been so nice to me ever since they started working in the restaurant. Always making me smile and laugh especially on days when all of us are tired. They are probably 2 of the smartest people I have ever met. I hope we do get a chance to meet back home or here again. Both of them have been so lovely to work with and I will never ever forget them.


- Although we do not look alike, I call her my twin because we are the same age and from the same country AND from the same hometown! The very first day I talked to her was when she finished her shift and when I was about to start my shift. The way she sat, the way she ate and the way she talked - it was like I was looking in the mirror. From then on, I knew that I have to have this girl in my life! We have been like sisters ever since. We are complete bitches to each other but deep down, I love her so damn much. I would call her an idiot and she would call me stupid in front of my face and we would just laugh at each other's stupidity. I have honestly never met anyone so much like me. Even our "dreams" and goals are almost the same. Her boyfriend's mum is one of my good friends (weird, I know but we do live in a small town back home). There are just too many nice things to say about her. Thank you for all the fun times and for taking care of me. See you in July. I love you :D


- Also known as "the pale one". Honestly, he has such a fair complexion almost like a vampire. The first day he started work, he called me "sister". That made me smile because who would ever call someone "sister" before they even met! But he's been so funny, kind and helpful. Also, he is an excellent cook. I hope you enjoy your time in Singapore in July. And hopefully we will meet again one day.


- Probably the fastest staff being promoted to supervisor. I've been working there for over 2 years, seen many people come and go, seen some crazy things happening, but never seen anyone being promoted from a part time to supervisor in just 2 months! He's probably one of the kindest people I have ever met in my life! I don't think I've ever seen him without a smile since the day he started working in the restaurant. I am quite sad that the time we've spent together is short. Why didn't you get a job here earlier?! But I am grateful to have such a kind friend. Goodluck in everything you do and hope you're happy always :)


- Probably the tallest Asian I've ever met. I mean, he's like Yao Ming. Although he doesn't work with me in the "same department", I just thought I'd give him a little mention because he's been so kind towards me. He's also probably one of the funniest people I've ever met. We connect on so many levels. He is hardworking and smart. I am also sad that the time we've spent together is short. But I do hope you enjoy your time here and hopefully see you again some day. Thank you so much for taking care of me that night. Haha. I will remember you always :)

Well, I guess that concludes everything. All of you mean so much to me. It hurts to even say goodbye. We've been through 2 and a half years of roller coaster together. I love you guys. SO SO MUCH. And I wish each and everyone of you all the very best in your future undertakings.

God bless.