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Tuesday, 31 May 2016


"The best cure for the body is a quiet mind." - Napoleon Bonaparte 


I've been doing so many crazy shit lately that I've completely forgotten to slow myself down and check in with my inner self. Don't get me wrong, I've been loving every second of doing things I've never done before, but it dawned upon me yesterday that it is now almost June and I had completely lost track of time. 


My solution of pausing my life and checking in with myself. 

I first start off with 30-45 minutes of total silence. This is when I close my eyes, take deep breaths, and think of anything that comes to mind. This is also when I take control of my mind, emotions and feelings. First 15 minutes would be series of events flashing by - where you can't really slow your brain down and pinpoint exactly what you want to focus on. It just keeps going and going. 

Don't worry. Give it some time.

After the 15 minutes of chaos happening inside, your brain starts to slow down. This is when thoughts and questions come in. And this is where you start taking control of your emotions. 

"How do you see yourself in 5 years?"
"Where do you see yourself in the future?"
"Who do you see yourself with in 10 years?"
"What do you see yourself as in the future?"

These are the sort of questions that scare the living shit out of me because I have absolutely no answers for any of the questions above. 

I am scared. But at the same time, I am excited too! 

The best part about the future is not knowing. 

Curiosity, uncertainty. 
Absolute silence is a cure for the busy mind. We live in such a fast-paced and busy world that we sometimes forget to appreciate silence. We forget to love ourselves because other people are too busy loving us. We forget to slow down and enjoy the ride. 

After 30-45 minutes of total silence, I turn on some soft classical music and shut my eyes again. This time, I would enjoy the music in the background and think of how far I've come in life, how much I've grown, how much more I have to learn. 
Thinking of everything I've done and wrote about for the past few days, soaking everything in. Thinking of everything I've accomplished for the past few years and enjoying every moment of it. Everything I've been through and everything I want to be. All the opportunities, all the good and bad times, all the worries and fears, all the sadness and tears, all the joys and laughter. 

What and who I am meant to be. The life that I will choose. The path that I will cross. 

After 30 minutes of this, I open my eyes. 

I realize how fortunate I am to be doing the things I do and being loved by so many people. 

Simple things. 

Appreciate and cherish those little moments. 

Thank you for reading X

P/S: It's not like I didn't do anything yesterday. I went to watch World of Warcraft in the cinema and had an amazing time with some friends. Go watch it if you haven't already :D But I just thought I'd share something more personal with you today.