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Monday, 30 May 2016


Bank holiday Monday.

That's the stuff! 

Good morning everyone. Hope you're all having a nice Monday so far - whether that's getting out of your house and chilling with your friends or staying in bed watching Netflix (totally not what I'm doing right now xD) . 


I had such a wonderful day yesterday! Yes, I went to Beamish Museum! 

This is probably my favourite picture because I felt like I was looking out a window, full of possibilities. This house I was in was one back in the 1800s which was probably owned by a filthy rich family. I mean, with a back garden like that - overlooking the trams and all. Just amazing!

Basically, it's an open-air living museum in the North East where it shows visitors how people dressed, what people ate, what sort of transportation they had back in the 1800s until the 1940s. I'm not good at explaining things so you can google "Beamish Museum" and all the information will be on there. But what I can tell you is that it was an amazing experience. We booked online and apparently, the ticket is an all-year-round ticket! Which means I can come back next year (or whenever you want) for free! 

I took loads of pictures and I will try my best to describe how I felt when I was travelling back through time. Here we go. 

So basically, we were all given a map which started from the 1800s until the most recent 1940s. We decided to start from the 1800s so it will kind of feel like we are travelling through time (not a bad idea, to be honest with you). 

What I saw here took my breath away. Trams were the only form of transportation they had back then, asides from walking, of course. We saw how people dressed to how they kept warm back then (because obviously, heater/radiator was not invented yet). All I can say is, humans back then are so much stronger than us now. Because if I were to survive like them back then, I think I wouldn't last a week. But it just shows how much has changed! I just love histories like these. And to actually see how everything was done back then - AMAZING!

Then came the 1900s. This was basically how town looked like in 1900s. So many things were invented. The first and second picture shows that trains were invented and acted as a main form of transportation. The third picture shows a masonic hall back then. A picture of Queen Victoria hangs in the very middle because apparently, she died in 1901. Fun fact #1: Queen Victoria is why we now have Victoria Sponge cake. Fun fact #2: When Queen Victoria's husband passed away, she wore black for the rest of her life. (Thank you Sophie!). The fourth picture shows how people make sweets back then, although I'm not too sure if they still make sweets the same way now. Perhaps not. I don't know. The fifth picture shows the main form of entertainment - a band playing classical music. And the sixth picture shows a local grocery store back then! I mean, looking at this picture now just makes me realize how much we have evolved. Just look at the cash machine, for example. It's just so different from the cash machines these days. Again, amazing!

This was houses back in 1900s. Basically shows you the houses people lived in and how they lived their lives everyday. The first and second picture shows how a dining room looked like back then with a man coming home from work. I mean, just look at his costume! The third and fourth picture shows what a kitchen looked like back then and how they hang pans and pots on the ceiling. The fifth and sixth picture shows how a bedroom looked like back then. In my honest opinion, if this was really how it looked like back then, it looks freaking cozy and amazing!

This was how the village looked like back in the 1900s. Looking at these pictures now, I'm not going to lie, I kind of want to go back in time to live a life back in the 1900s - costumes and all! I've always been the type of person who loves nature. I love greeneries and gardens. Of course, I had to sneak a little selfie of myself in the final picture :D 

Overall, I had such an amazing time! Here are just some extra pictures for you guys to see. 

With my few favourites!

Sundays are really turning out to be Fundays :P 


Have a nice day everyone!