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Tuesday, 22 March 2016


I feel like there are 3 types of women in the world:

1) She chooses watches over bracelets and bangles

2) She chooses bracelets and bangles over watches

3) She has a watch on one wrist and bracelets on the other

I'm more towards the third option. But IF.....someone was to come up to me and asked me to choose between bracelets and watches, my choice would definitely be watches - WITHOUT A DOUBT.

I've always been more of a boyish kind of girl (if that makes any sense to you). I never wear bracelets, I never buy shiny rings, and I always keep my arms and wrists as empty and "clean" as possible. Call me a weirdo but it is true :/

I only started loving jewelleries and BLINGS early last year! Seriously though, I barely understand how being a girl works - as Aleena puts it. I don't know anything about make-up or how to apply eye shadows...etc. However, I am going to make it my mission to learn how to put on make-up this year. I mean, seriously? 25 years old and still no clue about make-up?

Anyway, back to the point!

Although I've suddenly developed into a "woman" - shall we say - and started loving bracelets and other jewelleries, I still love watches very much.

Last Saturday, my boyfriend bought me a white one because he'd noticed me eyeing it for a couple of weeks now. I absolutely LOVE it! And it was on sale for only £20!

First of all, LOOK AT HOW AMAZING THE PACKAGING IS! *squeeks!*

I bought my very first Limited Edition Ice Watch back in 2013. I first came across it when I watched Jennifer Lopez's "On The Floor" music video. And then I spotted members of Black Eyed Peas wearing them on their music video. I was like "I need this watch now!"

Ever since then, I've been completely in love with ICE-WATCH. I love how it's silicon instead of rubber or leather because I was doing a lot of sports back then and I needed a watch that is water resistant and doesn't stink when it touches sweat and water.

Again, it's silicon so I don't have to worry about it coming in contact with perfume, water or sweat. This one was probably an old one because when I went on their website, it doesn't show this watch anymore.

But heck, I LOVE IT!

Now she has a new friend :D 

They really do have some really nice watches in right now. All the patterns are lovely! You can check them out here ( ICE WATCH ). It's actually quite affordable unless you're going for the GOLD leather one with tons of Swarovski in it. But overall, I think it's a nice, classy watch considering it isn't leather or steel type like Rolex or other ridiculously expensive watches.

Can't believe I wrote such a long post about a watch. HAHA! But I actually want to know something else. Which type of female you are? :) ONE, TWO, OR THREE???