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Monday, 23 April 2018

How To Survive Post Holiday Syndrome (5 Ways)

Hi readers

I am finally back from my 2 and a half week hiatus. 

60% vacation 
30% days off of work/family time
10% falling sick 

That's my little breakdown of what's been going on for the past 2 weeks or so. 

And today, I'm finally back at work. Not just on my blog, but on air waves too. Coincidentally, someone asked me today, how do I fight post holiday syndrome. I was going to write about it but that was perfect timing. 

Well, from all of my trips I've been to so far this year (and that is quite a few - be it a short getaway, or out of the country), I have learned quite a few tricks on how to fight the so-called post-holiday blues. 

1) Plan something exciting in advance 

After a holiday, you're already suffering. First, from your brain who's probably telling you that you have so much work to catch up on. And second, from missing the place you've just visited and how much you want the vacation to last forever. So before you go away, make sure you have something exciting to look forward to when you come home. For me, it's catching up on new movies and friends over drinks. 

2) Think about your next vacation 

Again, after your holiday, you're probably craving for more. I know that's how I feel most times. So, I always plan my next vacation in advance too so that I work harder and not get distracted from anything other than work. Think of your next vacation as a reward to yourself. Works all the time. 

3) Look through your holiday pics and talk about them 

Nowadays, we have Instagram, Facebook, Blogs... etc... Share your amazing experience, tips and tricks with people around you or people online because some people might just want to visit the place you've just visited. And when they seek for your advice, you can re-live the moment and pass that amazing moment to the next person. And you can hear all about it when they come back. Sharing is caring. 

4) Think about work 

This applies to almost everyone, I guess. If you love your work, then it's easier for you because you get to come home and look forward to your work/job. If not, it can get trickier. Sometimes, I do go away because of my works and the stress they bring but after a couple of days not working and switching off, I definitely look forward to coming back and catching up on work. Also, you need to work in order to have money to travel. So, just think of it that way. 

5) You get to go back to your routine 

Whether that's eating healthy, working out more than when you're on a vacation, or just getting back to your normal sleeping pattern. Routines are great things because they give you a guideline on what to do and what not to do when things around you change. You adapt to your surroundings with routines. And the faster you get back to your routine, the more you'll survive your post holiday blues. 

What about you? How do you cope with your post holiday syndrome? Let me know in the comments :) Share with everyone x 

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