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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

6 Advantages of a Short Getaway

This month has gone by extremely quickly if you asked me.

Out of the 5 weekends in March, I was away for 3 - recharging, basically. 

Can I just point out the importance of taking a quick break once in a while? 

See, I was going through writer's block, I was going through some real sh*tty days (as were most of you, I assume), some crucially stressful weeks (again, as were most of you). We go through it almost every single day. And I found a way to escape - not for forever but just enough time for me to feel human again. 

And that is to go away. 

A short getaway. 

1) You feel recharged 

Let's face it. Catching z's in a tranquil place is much better than in your own bed (not that there's anything wrong about your own bed because I love my bed to bits and I wish I could marry it - TMI). But there's just something about sleeping in hotels or villas - you will definitely get the rest you need.

2) You have the time to catch up

By this, I mean, with yourself. After such busy days/weeks, I constantly find myself not being able to focus on one thing. Everything is scattered all over the place. So, going away gives you that extra time to reorganize yourself and your life.

3) You see something new

You will always see or experience something new when you go on a short getaway even if you've been to the same place twice or more. There will always be something new and that should be enough to get you through a week or two. Because whenever you see something new, your life gets a little bit more interesting.

4) You feel more positive 

I always feel more positive whenever I get back from a short trip because it encourages me to work harder and plan for another trip soon. And just the thought of seeing new things is enough to make me crave for more. 

5) You have something to talk about

Because let's face it. You either want to share the experience with your friends and family or people will naturally ask you. And you will not run out of things to talk about. 

6) You have pictures to look back on 

I always feel like pictures are amazing to look back on. Whether you want to revisit the place or hang some pictures up on your wall, either way, you take that memory with you wherever you go. 

So if you need a stress relief or if you just need to switch off for a couple of hours/days, book yourself a short getaway. It's definitely worth it, I promise you. 

What is one of your stress relieves? Let me know in the comments :) 

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