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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

2018 New Year's Resolutions

17 days into 2018 and I've finally come up with a list of things I'd like to accomplish this year.

But first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 

Sorry for being MIA. I was off visiting my hometown for the past 9 days or so and I decided to enjoy every moment I could, which meant that I was off social media for a few days. But anyway, I'm back now and I ain't going nowhere.

Well, no matter how tacky and cheesy New Year's Resolution sounds, it's still quite interesting to read and know what people would like to achieve in the year. And no matter how much I tell myself and others that I don't like making a list of things I'd like to achieve throughout the year - because lets face it, we're either going to forget halfway into the year or we add more and more things onto the list - I still make one every year. It gives me a sense of security and a guideline to follow, I suppose.

Yes, I'm weird like that but I know I'm not the only one, or maybe I am? :P 

I've thought about this long and hard because I do take NY Resolution rather seriously. And after 17 days of thinking, here's my list:

1. Publish my book (novel) by the end of the year

This is my biggest resolution for 2018. Something I've been wanting to share with all of you in a long time too. Hence why, a lot of hiatus on my blog but that's not at all a good reason. But more on this book later on.

2. Stop being afraid of travelling

I can actually see that I'll be travelling a lot throughout 2018. And I shouldn't let anxiety and fear of flying stop me from planning more trips with my loved ones.

3. Take my health more seriously 

I have something to share with all of you but that comes a bit later too - Oops, sorry for being so secretive. 

4. Take my job more seriously too 

Not just as a radio announcer and a producer, but as an entrepreneur, writer and the director of my own life too.

5. Step out of my comfort zone a little more each day 

I've done so many things I'd never thought I'd do in 2017 and I'm not stopping this year.

6. Drink less coffee

Yes, I needed 6 cups of black coffee to function everyday but I've lowered it down to 3 this month. It was no easy task, let me tell you. But the aim this year is one cup a day or one cup a week. Let's see how this goes.

7. Surround myself with positive vibes 

Meaning more positive people, friends, vibes and spreading more positivity in return as well.

8. Read more books this year 

Well, I will have you know that 17 days into 2018, I've already finished 2 books (proud moment right here because I couldn't even read 2 books last year).

9. Swear less and say less bad words 

This seems like an almost impossible task for me (for those of you who actually know me, you would think that too), but I'm not just doing this for my spiritual well-being, I don't want my kid's first word to be "f*ck". And no, I'm not pregnant and I'm not having a kid yet.

10. Live more on routines 

See, I've been all over the place for the past couple of months, just taking life as it comes - and trust me, that's great SOMEtimes, but not all the time. I've just started my morning routine this month which I will share soon. And I'm in the process of planning my night and exercise routines.

I've written all of this down and stuck this on my bedroom wall so that each morning, I'll follow these "guidelines". Anyway, I hope January has been treating all of you well. If you are still writing your NY Resolution list, please share some with me in the comments :) 

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