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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Total Disconnection: Retreat Edition

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I recently went on a weekend getaway to a retreat where there were NO Wi-Fi and NO internet service.

And yes. It is possible - 

- for someone like me who's constantly on my phone, on social media, checking emails, texting, posting pictures (basically, obsessed with my mobile and Wi-Fi and internet) -  

- to disconnect for 36 hours. 

And the results? 

1. Instantly relaxed 

It was so refreshing not to have my mobile constantly beeping and ringing, to not look at my laptop. Basically, the only digital thing I had was my camera for taking pictures and vlogging. And it felt gooooood. 

2. Calmed

I admit, I do get impatient sometimes when people are not doing things as quickly as I am or as quickly as I expect them to. It's because most of us are so used to the fast-paced environment. But just sitting down and listening to the crickets and feeling the wind in my hair - that took me to a whole new level of calm. 

3. Creative

If you don't know/didn't realize, I've been having writer's (or in this case, blogger's) block for about a month now - hence, the lack of blogposts. But when I was chilling by the pool - surrounded by trees and plants, my mind instantly went on a creative spree. That's when I wrote down all my ideas and that's when I decided to do blogtober. 

4. Happier

Something about being in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature - there's just something exciting about that. And I noticed that I felt happier not knowing anything except for knowing how to have fun and have deep, meaningful conversations and relax.  

5. Self-love

How often do you check in with yourself? How often do you ask yourself how you are? My answer, I have no idea when was the last time I actually asked myself "how are you today?". And I just realized how important self-love is. Once you learn how to love yourself, you know what to feed your mind and soul.

I think it's such an important thing to disconnect from the digital world once in a while. EASIER SAID THAN DONE! Trust me. I was feeling frustrated the first few hours, but after that, everything just felt amazing. 

However, I'm gonna be totally honest with you and say this right here right now. A little bit more than 36 hours and I probably couldn't handle it. So, 36 hours is the perfect amount of time :) 

If you have a few minutes to spare, here's the vlog of my fun weekend: 

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