Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Welcome Back to Old School Blogging

Recently, I've realized exactly why I've been so inconsistent with my blog. I'm going to be totally honest in this post. I've been very demotivated lately. I always feel like I'm not good enough to blog and that my contents are not good enough. In general, I just feel like I'm not good enough!


Every single day,  there are thousands of new YouTubers, bloggers being "born". And as days went by, I just felt like giving up because I'm not special in any way. I'm just me - an ordinary girl with my own hopes and dreams and opinions. I've been reading some articles that say "In order to be noticed, you need to be unique and that is how you stand out from the crowd". The thing is, EVERYONE IS UNIQUE IN THEIR OWN WAY. So, what does being unique mean? In my opinion, being unique means being yourself - being me.


Another reason why I've been inconsistent is because of work. I've been a little bit busier than usual lately. Everytime I have something amazing to share, life sorts of get in the way. But I then realized that, back then, no matter how hectic my life was, I would post whatever I wanted without a single care in the world, whenever I wanted. AND THAT MADE ME HAPPY.


It is no surprise when I say the world of blogging has evolved. Blogging is now a full-time career for some people and I think that's probably another reason that I can't ignore. Brands and companies are now using bloggers and their sites and platforms to promote their brands and so on. And it's no secret that I've done that too. However, I do pick brands and products that intrigue me and that are relevant to my personality. But other than that, I still write about what I love and how my day goes. 


I've decided that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I'm not going to compare my blog and myself to other bloggers out there because this right here, is my baby. And I will always love my blog. So, from today onward, I'm going back to what makes me happy. I'm going back to old school blogging. 

Life is too short. Do things that make you happy everyday!